(Group Exhibition: 19 October – 2nd December 2016)
For its upcoming exhibition, Miaja Gallery continues in its endeavour to coalesce artists from the regions which are both influential in, and symbolic to, the gallery’s foundation.

Hailing from both France and Asia Pacific, a group of four artists explore the beauty and energy of kinetic art, known for harnessing and mastering movement for its effect. Noted for their harmonious poise and flow, the exhibiting works offer the viewer an entranced glimpse into the world of each artist that is both intricate and hypnotic.

From delicate hanging mobiles, fabricated from precious woods and metals, to rotating totems that connect story-telling imagery when aligned, EQUILIBRIUM showcases a collection of works which come together as the apotheosis of balance in motion.

Naomi Stahl, Gallery Director


Above: Christel Sadde – Stabile Wink B. Munari – Gold (1 of 8) Brilliant Polished Brass & Gold Finish – W25 x H30cm (750G)



Above: Volabile K113 – Gold Brilliant Polished Aluminum, Silver Finish – L250 x H220 x 70cm (900G)



Above: Thomas Maurer – Diamond Eye (2015) – Alluminium Sheet 120cm x 120cm (Left) & Spiral Abstract (2015) – Alluminium Sheet 120cm x 120cm (Right)



Above: Thomas Maurer – Star Abstract (2015) – Alluminium Sheet 120cm x 120cm



Christel Sadde is an independent Parisian artist who creates mobile sculptures and moving art objects called Volabiles – a combination of “mobile” and “volatile”. Her work resembles kinetic art, likened to the works of the great Alexander Calder but inspired by different shapes and forms. Her mobiles are not only suspended objects but also meticulous and complex exercises in balance. They come to life in the light and the wind, becoming living things which are fed by the air.

With a degree from Berlin School of Contemporary Art. Thomas Maurer is a German-Born Australian artist who works with two-dimensional sheets of flat aluminum to create three-dimensional optical illusions. He creates these illusions using nothing but the material itself and an angle grinder, producing a strong effect of motion, seductively enhanced by lighting. Thomas’s art is inspired by life’s constant changes, light and movement. Using recurring spirals of varying scales that play through and with interlocking forms, he seeks to evoke the essentials of nature.

Penélopé’s latest mobile works, are the culmination of her collaboration with Singapore based interior designer Isabelle Miaja. In this series, Penélopé’s illustrative style marries itself to precious woods and metals, creating an ethereal work of art portraying painted eyes that seemingly blink at the viewer as they turn through the air.
When she is not busy drawing or creating, she likes hunting antiques in flea markets, or walking in the streets of Venise that she knows like the back of her hand, until she begins to draw and create again.

After years of training and practice within the arts and interior design industry, French artist Auréline Dupuy created double-edged design / art studio Xylobee in 2009, as a way to dedicate herself thoroughly to her one and only love: Wood.
Among the first creations to come out of the studio’s atelier were Xylodolls, hand-turned wooden anthropomorphic toy-like sculptures. Occupying a space between art and design, Auréline’s collaboration with renowned Singapore-based interior designer Isabelle Miaja spawned Rototems, (‘Rotating Totems’). These wooden pillar-like geometric man-high sculptures, made of five stacked rotating cubes, have been custom made for both residential and hospitality projects including three Rototems which stand in the Sofitel Mumbai B.K.C. Hotel lobby.



Above: Pénélope + Miaja – Sculpture Mobile, CATCH WIND 2



Above: Pénélope + Miaja – Sculpture Mobile, WINGS OF DESIRE Detail



Above: Xylobee + Miaja – Flora and Fauna Rototem (2014) – Wood and Collage 40cm x 40cm x 200cm



Above: Xylobee – Missfrequency – Mixed Media on Wood – 850cm x 30cm


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Occupying the first floor of Maison Miaja’s historical shophouse, Miaja Gallery offers its audience an experiential art space that showcases the talents of painters, sculptors, installation artists and designers alike in a synergetic approach to curating.The gallery’s philosophy is to curate and promote works of art that exude originality and enrich contemporary life, bringing together the best artistry from countries that strengthen the cultural link between both the gallery’s native Europe and its adoptive Asia.



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