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Michael Shrieve’s Spellbinder
Jazz / Latin / Rock
Members: Michael Shrieve – Drums, Danny Godinez – Guitar, Farko Dosumov – Bass, Joe Doria – Hammond B-3, John Fricke – Trumpet









Hello everyone!Spellbinder will be playing tonight August 10th @ Highway 99 Blues Club in Seattle WA.  Come celebrate our first Seattle weekend show of the year!!For tickets:  RESERVATIONSCall in now to researve your table!


Keep your eyes on our calendar as more shows will be announced shortly.  Speaking of live shows, if you would like Spellbinder to visit your town, please send an email to spellbinderinformation@gmail.com stating your town and the name of a venue you would like to see us in.  We are in the process of compiling possible venues for a future tour and would love some input!  Thanks to all who have sent us venue ideas already as they have all been noted!

Hope everyone heats up and thank you again for signing up on the Spellbinder email list!



Michael Shrieve’s Spellbinder

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Highway 99 Blues Club Seattle, WA Fri Aug 10 12 07:00 PM Tickets
The White Rabbit Seattle, WA Mon Aug 13 12 09:30 PM
The White Rabbit Seattle, WA Mon Aug 20 12 09:30 PM
The White Rabbit Seattle, WA Mon Aug 27 12 09:30 PM
The White Rabbit Seattle, WA Mon Sep 03 12 09:30 PM
The White Rabbit Seattle, WA Mon Sep 10 12 09:30 PM
The White Rabbit Seattle, WA Mon Sep 17 12 09:30 PM
The White Rabbit Seattle, WA Mon Sep 24 12 09:30 PM
The White Rabbit Seattle, WA Mon Oct 01 12 09:30 PM
The White Rabbit Seattle, WA Mon Oct 08 12 09:30 PM
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“10. Michael Shrieve The musical highlight of the original Woodstock concert in 1969 may well be Santana’s 10-minute performance of “Soul Sacrifice.” Drummer Michael Shrieve holds the whole thing together, and Santana was never quite the same after he left in 1974. Since then he’s worked with Sammy Hagar, Todd Rundgren and many others – but he remains best-known for Santana. Fans long for his return to the group, but earlier this year Carlos Santana married his current drummer Cindy Blackman, making Shrieve’s return even more unlikely than before. ”  Andy Greene, Rolling Stone Readers Pick Best Drummers of All Time

“…this is Spellbinder and muted trumpet, shimmering Hammond B3 and occasional employment of bass synth and guitar synth combined to create an altogether distinctive musical identity. The music merged rock, jazz fusion and funk, blurring the lines at every turn. Shrieve’s drumming these days eschews overt showmanship, and there is plenty of space in his playing, with the needs of the music coming first. With Farko Dosumov on bass, the pair formed a deeply grooving rhythm section, laying a base from which guitarist Danny Godinez, trumpeter John Fricke and Hammond B3 player Joe Doria created ever-evolving soundscapes.”  Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

“An elegant jam band of the first order that mixes rock with jazz in equal and exciting measure. This beautifully conceived quintet takes its name from guitarist Gabor Szabo’s tune, which is best known from its brief appearance at the end of Santana’s hit, “Black Magic Woman.” Shrieve’s unit contains trumpeter John Fricke, offering a taste of 70s-era Miles, organist Joe Doria, guitarist Danny Godinez and bassist Farko Dosumov—all fellow Seattle residents.”  Douglas Payne, All About Jazz

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Physical inquiries can be sent to: 10867 26th AVE S, Seattle, WA, 98168, US


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