Issue No. 2013/06
December 14, 2013

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How to best use Music Xray to make contacts & get deals

This is a quick refresher on how to best use Music Xray to make contacts and get deals.



We posted this on the Music Xray blog as an article directed to our industry professional users a couple months ago. I thought some of my readers might be interested as well…
As Music Xray has evolved, we’ve learned a lot of lessons. We’ve always had guidelines and rules for industry professional accounts but as our profile has grown and higher profile companies have joined the site, Music Xray has become a target for some bad behavior. The site must be a place where legitimate industry professionals and companies feel they are represented alongside other legitimate professionals. Shysters, hustlers, and professionals pitching their services to musicians are not welcome.While we have always monitored for this kind of thing, we have begun cracking down on this behavior with some new zero-tolerance policies and we’re asking our community of users to help us police the site even more strictly than in the past.

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What’s Up With North Korea & Why Did I Visit?
It’s easy and lazy to simply return from a trip to North Korea and relate the surreal reality. I’d love to (and will) recount experiences and conversations I had and I’ll do my best to make it an entertaining and informative read. But if you know anything about North Korea you already know the anecdotes about the isolationism, the lack of knowledge of the outside, the orchestrated, contrived, and sometimes staged tours given to foreigners who are adventurous enough to get approved for visas and travel to the hermit kingdom.
But after consuming all the documentaries, Vice episodes (including those featuring Dennis Rodman), and reading the accounts of recent visitors, I hungered to get past the staring-and-scoffing stage. I aspired to more.Read More

Keep it civil even when you passionately disagree with someone
The White House 2008: What I meant to say was “&%/$!@¿%$”. What came out was, “It’s an honor to meet you, Mr. President.”
I have business meetings with people I personally dislike from time to time. But, I have to deal with them. It’s almost impossible to get things done if the tone turns negative and personal feelings are brought into the situation. It’s not always easy, and I’ve been drawn into uncivil conversations in the past, especially online. But to paraphrase a quote from Jerry McGuire, “that’s why it’s called ‘show business’ instead of ‘show friends.’.

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