The Top 5 “Go-To” Playlists for Production Music

When it comes to production music, sometimes finding the right track can be a bit confusing. Here is our quick guide for guaranteed success when you’re not sure what to do. The following playlists contain cues that ALWAYS find a way to work for all kinds of content. Preview these now and be ready next time you’re in a pinch. And remember, you can license as little as 1 track if that’s all you need or get a crazy volume discount on a blanket purchase (We’re easy that way).

Don Draper goes into a bar, but seriously folks….Retro Grooviness in all shapes and sizes. Grab a Mai-Tai and sink into that Leather Banquette, or is a Chaise by the Beverly Hills Hotel?

Life is good. You feel good AND you look good (How DO you do it?). Your kids behave and the bills are paid; even the dog cleans up after himself and you still fit into those jeans from High School. Enter Happyville!

Soaring, Inspirational, Uplifting, Hip, Sophisticated cues. These are some of our most popular tracks. Always effective for any Corporate Communications usage. Now go sell something.

It’s Blockbuster time. Trailers, general massiveness, perhaps a fearless voyage over the high seas or an encounter with the savage warlords of Imperium. Think John Williams, Hans Zimmer and those of that ilk.

The Organic Music Library goes Top 40 for you. Driving, Ecstatic, Pop cuts. Think Madonna, Lady Gaga, Psy, David Guetta, Pitbull etc. We’re giving you a hit factory-go make something with it!

Obviously there are dozens of additional playlists, but we have seen over the years a constant interest in these areas. They can work for so many different kinds of video projects. Next time you need a cool piece of music, start your search in one of these groups and you’ll find some great material. Once you do, don’t forget to hone it down using our advanced search techniques which allow you to really focus in on exactly what track feels perfect.


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