The Rave Queen” Rozalla to Judge The FxEctive Factor at this Year’s VegfestUK Brighton

After headlining at last year’s VegfestUK Bristol, singer Rozalla is back with VegfestUK at Brighton.

“The Rave Queen” began performing at a young age in her native Zambia singing in clubs and at events.

Rozalla’s notable singles include the 90’s hit “Born to Luv Ya”, and of course the dance anthem “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)“, as well as “Faith (In the Power of Love)” and “Are You Ready to Fly?”.

Rozalla continues to perform in clubs all over the UK and the world and has recently released a brand new song “Can You Feel The Love” featuring David Anthony.

Rozalla bring a wealth of talent and expert advice and will be looking out for belief from this yearsFxEctive Factor talent competition at VegfestUK Brighton.


What’s your earliest memory of being on the stage performing?

My earliest memory is being in a children’s TV programme in Zambia, I was under 10 and thought WOW! I loved it. When I turned 14 my dad got me a stint at the Intercontinental Hotel for 2 weeks. I was too young for it to be advertised! I did a 30 minute set each night and just loved it. The seeds were planted. I had such a strong feeling that this is what I wanted to do deep inside my heart.

I remember pretending I was Dianna Ross, pretending people were watching me perform!

I do believe what you put out there comes back to you. Life is like a mirror and it reflects what you want back to you as now performing is what I do! 

You say that the highlight of your career was touring with Michael Jackson….  Can you tell us a more?!

You know at school I loved the Jackson Five and of course Michael Jackson broke away to do his own thing. We moved to Zimbabwe and I remember saying to my brothers and sisters “Let’s call Michael Jackson” so we called the operator to put us through to America, we got through to America and they said,” That is a private number!” So we didn’t get through!

And then I met him in real life.

Touring with him is the highlight of my career. It was incredible.

Did you tell him you tried to call him? 

No! I just kept saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for choosing me Michael”” I was so thankful for the opportunity.

He asked me how I look after my voice and I thought OMG, Michael Jackson is asking ME! He was so down to earth and sweet. 

What’s your favourite part of VegfestUK?

The time I had there was ELECTRIC, the way I was treated, the energy was so positive. It was a humbling feeling.

It really is what keeps me going. A fan brought me records and albums and I signed them, the look on his face was amazing. You know I have some little moments of feeling negative and when things like this happen as they did at VegfestUK I think WOW, how can I give up?

What advice would you give to our FxEctive Factor vegan talent contest participants?

I look back to when I first started back in the day and it is easy to be put off and frightened. When I was 21 several people told me I was past it, I was never going to make it, someone told me to get married and move to a small town as that’s as far as I would go.

Now they say I am amazing and want to be my best friend. I am glad I never listened to them.

Persevere, believe in yourself and never give up. I don’t think I have the best voice, however I can sing and I love what I do. My parents were my backbone and my aunt was my number 1 fan. She took me to meet band members, to radio stations, to gigs and nightclubs. She made me sing and perform. I owe a lot to my wonderful aunt who passed away last year with cancer.

I am working on something now and it is going to be dedicated to her. So watch this space. 

What are you looking for out of their performance?

I want to see their belief. Belief in what they are doing. Not just there for the sake of it. You can see belief when someone is performing, you feel like you are there with them and feel the emotions too.

Thanks so much Rozalla! Can’t wait to see you again!

Me too, I am SO looking forward to coming back to VegfestUK – I cannot wait!!

Bye for now everyone!!


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