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Straw – Biography.
The core of the Singasongwriterband Straw is Henriette Lykke Fabricius and Carsten Fabricius. Henriette sings, play the guitar and writes the lyrics. Carsten Fabricius composes and plays guitar. But in the last few years they have 2 beautiful daughters crept to it and own compositions, and also the full participation of both the choir and lead vocals as well playing the piano.
Therefore, they can rightly call themselves Straw-Family.
A genuine familyband. Daughters Sally and Denise Lykke Fabricius is respectively 21 and 25 years. Sally has been studying music at MGK and along with the music, she works and is known as a brilliant tattoo artist. Denise also study music at MGK and is educated as a nurse. She loves and cares for animals and therefore Straw support vulnerable and stray dogs by helping them to Denmark and finding them new homes and families.
The couple’s cooperation in Straw began in the middle of the last decade. It was preceded by many years, Henriette Lykke Fabricius and Carsten Fabricius dealing with music in different ways.
Henriette was born in 1965 and sang as a child. Growing up was comfortable and caring. A lot of money the parents had not, but the priority to meet their daughter’s desire to have classical singing lessons. From the age of 14 were living Henriette its ambitions to use her voice in many different contexts. Since then, she has performed throughout the country at numerous events as a soloist in various contexts. Among her collaborators have been conductor and pianist Peder Kragerup, Tivolis Big Band and other great big bands. Events, corporate parties, concerts, TV and radiospots and more have benefited from Henriette’s professional and versatile voice. In 1988, she finished third, at the Danish Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘It’s Okay’. Subsequently released her debut album., which also received the title ‘It’s OK’.
In 1990 her voice featured on completely different and more intimate view of the album ‘Musicals & Ballads’.
In 1997 came the album ‘Wanted Alive’, Where she really found herself in country music and two years later 1999 released the album ‘Paradise’. In 2002 she was present with her 5th album ‘Show Me Heaven’.
As lead singer and songwriter in Straw, she has really found her own voice and style. Alongside singing career, she has been born and brought up three girls and made ​​a key work of Carsten Fabricius’ therapeutic activity and their Foster home.
Carsten was born in 1960, was an early interest in music and started playing as a hobby as a young man after a confusing childhood. He has produced a number of publications – including his wife. When he was young, he was a bit of a street urchin. The experience has come to him in good stead in the world of work, where he has been taking care of young people. He understands what is going on in them.
Carsten is familytherapist. He is the founder of the Relation Institute in Denmark and the therapeutic and educational direction “Relation Based Leadership” (r). He founded the private residential institution sluice Soroe for young people. He owned and directeds “Slusen”, where a total of 10 young people at a time living in two houses in relatively long periods. The young people aged 15 – 23 years and have special needs for authenticity, honesty, intimacy and therapy including the familys.
Sally and Denise Lykke Fabricius has been the love of music in birth gift. Both sing with their own voices. Denise are high and bright. Sally’s a little darker and deeper. Year on year increases girls’ musical skills. They have grown up in a home with piano, guitars, studio facilities and especially frank conversations about everything from music to human relationships.
Together, the family has a wide taste in music – from rock and blues to pop, musical and r & b. Home studio in Soroe has been the setting for the recording of Straws music.
It’s Straws great desire to have the opportunity to present the songs live for their audience. Right now there is a brand new 2. album ready for release when the right company entering the scene and shows serious interest in the band in the big wide world.
Straw-Family has a unique history and is a true family bands, with original music from the family’s own.


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