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Reported by Liku Zelleke He created “The Boondocks” and it managed to garner a large following. The series went on for three seasons before he would no longer be involved with project. Anyone that thinks…

By Brandon Simmons Los Angeles Clippers head coach and team president Doc Rivers has always got the job done without any trouble from ownership until now. The problem is that the Clippers are currently at…

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Unarmed Man Dies from NYPD Chokehold

July 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

By Brandon Simmons Video has surfaced around the internet of police putting an unarmed man in a chokehold and causing him to die. Forty-three-year old Eric Garner was taken down by 5 police officers after…

July 19, 2014 | 0 Comments

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris San Francisco 49ers often in trouble linebacker Aldon Smith was sentenced today (Friday, July 18, 2014) to 12 days in jail on gun charges and a DUI charge, but he may…


Federal Appeals Court Orders Texas To Issue Confederate Flag License Plates

By Nigel Boys When the legislators in Texas decided to refuse to issue license plates that showed the Confederate battle flag, they did so because they believed it to be a symbol of hate and oppression.  However, it turns out that they were violating the First Amendment, according to the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. […]

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Dr. Sinclair Grey: I agree with Eric Holder that Racism Drives the Obama Bashing

July 18, 2014No Comment

  By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Let’s face it- not too many people heard of the Tea Party until an African-American became President of the United States of America. When President Barack Obama became the first African-American to be elected President, there was talk that the United States had eased tensions on racism. However, that could […]

Charter school teaches kids that black people benefitted from slavery

April V. Taylor The Huffington Post is reporting that Americans United for Separation of Church and State have filed a complaint with the Arizona State Board for Charter…

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F. Palmer: What Dwight Howard Teaches Us About the Worthlessness of Modern Black Celebrities

by F. Palmer In this Vox article, Dwight Howard tweeted #freepalestine and then after only 15 minutes, deleted the tweet and issued the following apology for sassing the…


By Yolanda Spivey During the Olympic games, Adolf Hιtler did the unthinkable.  He shook hands with a Black man—and that Black man was Olympic champion Jesse Owens.  The year was 1936 and the place Berlin…



Practice Makes Perfect…Except When it Comes to Education

By: Krystle Crossman Practice makes perfect. That is what we are told over and over again. New studies are showing that practice only makes perfect in certain things but does not help in others. Once you are already good at something you don’t need to practice, but you do need to practice to get to […]

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How Strangers Undressing Each Other Can Help Your $ex Life

By: Krystle Crossman There are many different ways that you can be intimate with someone. You can kiss, you can cuddle, you can hold hands or make love. One of…


by Dr Boyce Watkins I’ve taught Finance at the college level for over 20 years.  I also learned more about Finance by the age of 25 than most experts learn in a lifetime.  But one…

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins Sharon Tirabassi was living the dream.  She won the $10.5 million dollar lottery in her home country of Canada, earning her a consistent residence on cloud nine.  All the things that…

McDonald’s employees say they were abused by racist language

April V. Taylor Thing Progress is reporting that two former longtime McDonald’s employees, Vanessa Harris and Kimberly Mealer, have filed a lawsuit against the company for their failure to respond to a report Harris made to human resources regarding sexual harassment and racially derogatory behavior by their supervisor at a Queens, New York location.  According […]

Reported by Kacie Whaley Northern Texas kids with a love of science have a place to exercise their interests for summertime. Dr. Bernard Harris, Jr., a former astronaut, has been teaming up with ExxonMobil since 2006 to host The ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp (EMBHSSC). The program, which spans two weeks, invites about 50 […]

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New Facebook feature can access your phone’s mic by Dr. Samori Swygert We’re in an era where cash is king, and information converts to currency and/or control. Every aspect of our life has become inundated with some digital platform. Facebook has developed a new app that allows them to turn on your cellphone’s microphone and […]

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Detroit’s Police Chief Says Citizens Packing Heat Are Reducing Crime Rate

July 18, 2014No CommentRead MoreWhen it comes to Detroit’s reduced crime rate, Police Chief James Craig isn’t taking the credit, but giving it to citizens who’ve decided to arm themselves instead of becoming victims. Homeowners have increasingly taken to opening fire on criminals instead of waiting around for law enforcement. A recent Detroit incident, however, did not end well […]

Louis Armstrong: The Destitute Son of A Prostitute Still Sees The World As Wonderful

July 18, 2014No CommentRead MoreLouis Armstrong was many things in his life.  Although he is most well known for being a trumpeter and singer, he was also a film star and comedian.  He had many nicknames including, “Stachmo,” “Pops” and “Ambassador Stach.” Armstrong was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 4, 1901.  The neighborhood he grew up in […]


April V. Taylor Many people would be shocked to know that at least five U.S. Presidents were members of the Ku Klux Klan.  According to the Southern Poverty Law Center,”the KKK started in the summer…

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Aretha Franklin is known as the Queen of Soul.  Franklin was born in Memphis, Tennessee on March 25, 1942.  After her mother died from a heart attack, Franklin and her four siblings moved with their…


Woman registering people to vote is charged with 32 felonies on a technicality

April V. Taylor After Lula Smart helped the Brooks County Board of Education win the first ever black majority, she and eleven other people who helped register voters through a get-out-the-vote campaign face felony criminal charges for their efforts.  Brooks County is located in Quitman, Georgia.  Quitman is a small town of around 5,000 people with […]

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Police Allegedly Smαsh Teen’s Face Into the Ground for Breaking Curfew

Police will not say whether an investigation is underway after a Pennsylvania police officer was caught on video throwing a teenaged girl to the ground for viοlating curfew. Merceedez Wright, 17, admits that she walked away from a police officer when she and some friends were caught outside past curfew on Tuesday night, but can’t […]

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Passenger Makes Eerie Facebook Post Before Boarding Downed Malaysia Airlines Plane

A passenger who appears to have been on the crashed Malaysia Airlines flight over Ukraine on Thursday posted a photo of his plane with an eerie message before boarding the ill-fated Boeing 777. Translated from Dutch to English, the caption reads: “In case it goes missing, here is what it looks like.” Cor Pan posted the […]

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JERUSALEM — A fresh cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas has been reached in Egypt, according to a single unconfirmed report, although an Israeli government spokesman said he was not aware of a new agreement. The BBC report, citing an unnamed Israeli official, said the new deal — said to be a “comprehensive” […]

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Loving lick: Pit bull saves deaf boy from fire

 INDIANAPOLIS — A 2-year-old male pit bull named Ace was being hailed as a hero Wednesday, after waking his deaf teenage owner during a devastating house fire. At 1:11 p.m., Indianapolis firefighters were called to fight a fire at a home on the city’s south side, officials said. Upon their arrival, flames were shooting from […]

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ATLANTA — A former inmate at the Cobb County jail who spent time with the dad accused of leaving his son in the back seat of his hot car to die said the man showed no emotion after his arrest. Mark Wilson was booked into Cobb County Jail on a DUI on the same day […]

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This Is How Behind Low-Income Children Can Be When They Enter Kindergarten

Certain life factors make a big difference for students as they start their first year of school. A new analysis from Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit group behind Sesame…

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Proof Young Americans Are Still Hurting From The Recession

WASHINGTON, July 17 (Reuters) – A record 57 million Americans, or 18.1 percent of the U.S. population, lived in households with two or more generations in 2012, with…

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Why These Women Think White Gay Men Are Stealing From Black Female Culture

“damaging” stereotypes of black women has sparked many conversations about race and the queer community. The author of the piece joined HuffPost Live along with other critics to…


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Dominique Reese is a very successful financial planner, Princeton graduate and all-around financial superstar.  I met her through another financial genius, Ryan Mack, so I am quite familiar with her commitment to financial literacy in…

Pres. Obama fistbumbs man after he tells him that he has sex with men



In Touch Weekly is reporting that Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Phaedra Parks wants to leave husband Apollo Nida.  Nida was convicted of federal bank fraud and identity theft and has been sentenced to 8…

Father Boasts Stacks of Cash on Facebook But Couldn’t Pay $100 a Month in Child Support

Milwaukee investigators used Facebook to help locate deαdbeat dads–and yes moms as well–who had the money to pay child support but just decided not to pay. The sting caught father John McCroy, who is supposed to pay $100 dollars a month in child support for his 5 year old, posting selfies of himself with stacks […]

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Woman calls 911, police visit and leave, and her body is found hours later

A 67-year old woman lost her life in an incident that didn’t have to happen.  Many are blaming the incompetence of the police department on the woman’s unfortunate situation and they are being asked to answer for what they did and did not do. Helen Harrison’s body was found in her backyard this week in […]

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Financial Lovemaking: Why doesn’t Sherri Shepherd want her baby anymore?

In this episode of Financial Lovemaking, Dr. Boyce Watkins and S. Tia Brown talk about the financial and romantic implications of the decision by Sherri Shepherd to try to walk away from her contractual commitment to take care of her surrogate child.  There are some who say that since the child was not created from […]

Will Andre 3000 Ever Rap Again?

Will Andre 3000 Ever Rap Again?André 3000 is a rapper, singer, and actor.  He was born as André Lauren Benjamin on May 27, 1975 in Atlanta, Georgia.  He attended Tri-Cities High School for the Performing Arts where he met Antwan Patton and began rapping.  André eventually went through a rebellious streak, causing him to drop out of high school during […]

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Why Has The Racial Wealth Gap Persisted 50 Years After The Civil Rights Act?

July 17, 20141 CommentRead MoreStar Parker is a a syndicated columnist, Republican politician, activist, and author. Parker began her advocacy of conservative social and political causes after graduating from Woodbury University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business and after spending several years dependent on government assistance. She founded the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education (CURE)  in […]


Chicago Workers Say They’re Electronically Monitored So That Bathroom Breaks Don’t Exceed 6 Minutes

July 17, 2014No CommentRead MoreLast year it was reported that workers in Chinese sweatshops had their bathroom breaks limited to two minutes.  Now some Chicago workers are saying that they don’t have it much better, accusing their employer of limiting bathroom breaks to six minutes. Workers at Chicago’s WaterSaver Faucet factory told the National Labor Relations Board that the […]

White Supremacist Sentenced to Life Behind Bars for Kιlling Spree

White Supremacist Sentenced to Life<br /><br /><br />
                                Behind Bars for Kιlling SpreeAn Oregon woman with white supremacist views apologized for her “insane” actions during a federal court sentencing on Tuesday. Holly Grigsby, 27, was sentenced to life in prison without parole for her role in a kιlling spree in the Pacific Northwest. Although Grigsby expressed regret for her actions, she did not express any regret for […]


The New Captain America Is Black

There’s a new Captain America coming to town. Sam Wilson, Captain America’s longtime partner The Falcon, will be replacing Steve Rogers this fall in the comic book series, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada revealed on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” Wednesday night. “Well if there is one bird associated with America, it is the […]

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Floyd Mayweather beats women, but nobody seems to care

Last week, Floyd Mayweather announced that he will fight a rematch with Marcos Maidana on Sept. 13. Their first fight, two months ago, was Mayweather’s closest challenge in years, with many in the boxing media believing that Maidana had earned the decision. And while that bout may have failed to meet expectations at the box […]

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Iggy Azalea’s Post-Racial Mess: America’s Oldest Race Rale, Remixed

Recently, my nine year-old nephew came running into the room, eager to find a seat to watch a performance by Iggy Azalea on an awards show. He sat, enraptured by her performance, yelling, “Iggy!” utterly oblivious to the look of chagrin and dismay on my face, as I, too, tuned in to watch this white […]

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International African American Museum To Be Built Where Slaves First Set Foot On U.S. Soil

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Organizers say a $75 million International African American Museum will be built beside the Charleston harbor where tens of thousands of slaves first set foot in the United States. Charleston Mayor Joe Riley announced Tuesday that the museum will be built near where a wharf once stood in the […]

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Arizona Charter School Textbook Says Slavery Was Good for Blacks

Most historians agree that the enslavement of Africans for profit remains one the darkest periods of American history. So why is an Arizona charter school teaching students that slavery actually benefited blacks? According to a lawsuit against the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools by the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, […]

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Professor James Small, a Pan-African scholar, activist and speaker,  was born in 1945 in Georgetown, South Carolina on Arcadia Plantation.  His family traces their roots to enslaved Africans, Native Americans, as well as the Yoruba,…

Community shocked as a<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
                white man slaps 79-year old judge and spits on her

Community shocked as a white man slaps 79-year old judge and spits on her

Chicago is a city that is known for serious racial segregation.   There are times when this has also led to racial tension, and this might be one of those times. A business owner on the north side of the city has been arrested for slapping a 79-year old Cook County Judge and spitting in […]

LeBron James and Andrew Wiggins May Force Dion Waiters to Bench.  Waiters Says NO WAY! By MD Harris Although he only started 24 games last year, Dion Waiters says he is done with coming off…

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Still Talking Trash: Seahawks LB Says the Broncos Were Scared By MD Harris Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner visited the set of ESPN’s First Take today and didn’t blink when he said, “They looked scared…

No, This Mom Was Not Getting Her Hair Done While Kids Roasted in Hot Car

A Texas mother who was recently accused of getting her hair done while her kids roasted away in a hot car says she mistakenly locked her kids in the car, and witnesses back up her story. Texas affiliate KHOU released a cell phone video purportedly of Good Samaritans breaking out the mother’s window after noticing […]

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Student Enters Christian College as a Woman, graduating as a man: Wants to stay in male dorms

Reported by Nigel Boys Jayce Marcus (pictured), a 20-year-old Christian college student who was being housed on campus in the female dorms, decided that she wanted to live in the male living quarters to complete her transition into “manhood.” However, when the transgender student asked officials to sanction the move at George Fox University, in […]

This Child Expert Says ALL Kids Should Be Banned From Using Handheld Devices

By: Krystle Crossman Children are growing up in an age with technology. This means that they always have electronics at their disposal. Here are some reasons why those handheld electronics should be kept away from kids according to pediatric therapist Cris Rowan: 1. When a child is over-stimulated by electronics at a very young age […]

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The family of Michael Jackson will reveal themselves in new reality show

By Nigel Boys Although superstar Michael Jackson died over five years ago, his legacy and the controversy surrounding him and his family continues to hit the headlines. The latest episode in the Jackson saga will begin in November as a reality show based on the megastar’s former sister-in-law, Alejandra Jackson. It will air on the […]

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Mississippi Crowns Beautiful Black Woman to Represent the State

Reported by Nigel Boys A 22-year-old Columbus, Mississippi, born competitor has just won the crown of Miss Mississippi 2014 when she competed again in the beauty pageant at…

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News Anchor Quits After Berating “Young Black Men Without Fathers” |

Sean Bergin, a reporter from News 12 in New Jersey, was suspended over comments he made on Sunday about fatherless black men during a news report. Bergin now…

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Professor Booked in Jail, Forced to Cut Locs, All Because She Couldn’t Pay Fine

By Andrew Scot Bolsinger A California adjunct professor, organizational consultant and radio host visiting Smyrna, Ga. endured a humiliating arrest that now fuels her determination to hold the…


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July 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

Dr. Harold A. Black is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville who lectures, consults and publishes extensively on the subjects of financial institutions and the monetary system.  After being the first black…

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris As the ashes begin to settle from the burning #6 jerseys down in South Beach after the fallout of LeBron James going back to Cleveland, the Miami Heat have now re-signed…

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris Troubled ex-Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young has been arrested on another felony charge, battery with serious bodily injury, and is in custody in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los…

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris LeBron James’ return to Northeast Ohio means more to the area than a greater opportunity to get a championship for a city that has not seen one in 50 years, when…

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Cops report of a fight with driver is very disturbing

Miami police are currently investigating why two of their police officers got into a physical altercation during a traffic stop. The incident began when uniformed Officer Marcel Jackson pulled over Lt. David Ramras for speeding. Jackson’s personal recording equipment shows Ramras attempting to walk away from his vehicle when he is pinned by Jackson, then a […]

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What Your Red Shoes Are Screaming at Other Women…and Men | Healthy Black Woman

By: Krystle Crossman When you pick out what clothes you are going to wear for the day do you think about what the shirt says about you? Do…

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BOSS Sports | Jay Z Scores His First Major Endorsement Deal for Kevin Durant

Jay Z Scores His First Major Endorsement Deal for Kevin Durant By MD Harris NBA MVP and Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant has secured his first major…


The South African Nobel-prize-winning author Nadine Gordimer, one of the literary world’s most powerful voices against apartheid, has died at the age of 90, her family say. Gordimer died peacefully at her Johannesburg home on Sunday evening in the presence of her children, Hugo and Oriane, a statement from the family said. Born in Gauteng, South Africa, […]

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2Pac & Notorious B.I.G Hangout and Freestyle Before Their Tragic Murders

July 15, 2014No CommentRead More#Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G., also known as Biggie, were perhaps the two greatest rap icons of all time.  The rappers entered the music industry in the mid-1990′s with Biggie’s release of “Ready to Die,” and Tupac’s release of “2PAc.”  Biggie’s album went quadruple platinum and catapulted him to the forefront of the hip-hop […]


Man Exonerated After 17 Years Tries on His First “Real” Shirt Since Prison

July 15, 2014No CommentRead More#The Innocence Project posted a picture of Nathan Brown, a client who was exonerated after spending 17 years in prison, trying on a new shirt. “Our client Nathan Brown was exonerated last week after spending 17 years in prison. The day after he was freed, he went shopping with his legal team — here he […]


Chicago Demonstrators Blast Obama as “Worst President” for Favoring Immigrants Over Urban Communities

A handful of black residents on Chicago’s South Side gathered to protest President Obama’s treatment of immigrants at the expense of those living in urban communities. “Barack will go down as the worst president ever elected,” said one person. “Bill Clinton was the African-American President.” Protesters were demonstrating the billions of dollars Obama is requesting

Dr. Samori Swygert: America the Great Will Soon Be America the Deαd

July 15, 2014No CommentRead MoreAutopsy of the American Empire by Dr. Samori Swygert An autopsy is a postmortem examination of a body to determine the cause of deαth. I’m forecasting the pathology of the collapse of our American economic empire. I believe the cause of deαth of the American economy will be the extreme advancement of technology. My hypothesis: […]


Ladies: Have Modern-Day Men Lost Their Ability to Protect You? |

by Thee Urban Sophisticate,  author of 21 Date Ideas for Couples Sick of Dinner & a Movie Over the weekend I posted a status on my Facebook (FB) page asking women if they felt a general sense of protection from men in today’s society. It was a simple yes or no question. The response I receieved was […]

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Why Your Man May Secretly Resent You | Healthy Black Woman

By: Krystle Crossman There are common things that women do that end up making their men very resentful of them. Avoid resentment by being mindful of the following situations sent in by men who resent the actions of their spouse: 1. Don’t make plans without him and just assume that he will be okay with […]

9 Proofs That We Are NOT Living In a Post-Racial America

July 15, 2014No CommentRead MoreReported by Nigel Boys You would think that after 50 years of the Civil Rights Act being signed into law, conditions should have improved greatly for those who were once trodden down so badly by society. However, racial discrimination against minorities is still rampant today, according to various studies. Here are a few ways that […]

African President Forces White Land Owners to Vacate Their Land

 Reported by April V. Taylor The most crucial and bitterly contested political issue in Zimbabwe has taken another step forward as President Robert Mugabe has ordered all white land owners in the country to vacate their land or face fines and possible imprisonment.  Zimbabwe was under British colonial rule from the 1880s until official independence […]


The latest from the writers in the Your Black World Network

How the rapper Big Pun went from athletic and healthy to weighing over 700 pounds

Christopher Rios, whose rap name was “Big Punisher” or Big Pun for short, was born November 10, 1971 om Bronx, New York.    He caught his big break in 1995 when he met Fat Joe and appeared on his song “Watch Out.”  His first hit was “I’m Not A Player” in 1997 and peaked at No. […]

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Yvette Carnell: Former Obama Supporters Are Abandoning Ship and Hoping You Won’t Notice |

In one of the most racially objectionable defenses of President Obama during the 2012 election cycle, Melissa Harris-Perry slyly accused white liberals who were not fully on-board with…

Sherri Shepherd was served divorce papers at the Essence Music Festival

Reported by Liku Zelleke If you’re thinking that Sherri Shepherd’s leaving “The View” is the biggest news in her life this year, then you mustn’t have been an avid fan of hers. For instance, her first ex-husband is suing her for a reconsideration of their custody agreement. Her estranged, soon to be ex-husband is suing […]

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Bipolar Disorder: A Teacher Explains Why She Writes About It

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2007, but it was just recently that I started a blog, Manic Monique’s Meanderings: My Journey to Wellness. I’m an English teacher at an all-girls school by day, but I am writing in my free time because I plan to publish a memoir about my experience with bipolar […]

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Is it worth it? Women may get prison time for stealing piles hair weave

By: Krystle Crossman Many women depend on other people’s hair to make them look good. They buy extensions and weaves that are made from real hair to either add to their thinning hair or add length to their short hair. Extensions are high in demand when they are real, so four Houston women decided that […]


Do you believe that wealthy black men have a different outlook on life and people than the rest of the world?  This blogger feels that black men who have accumulated a bit of money and…

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Reported by Nigel Boys Although they are one of the nation’s minority communities, and most of them are born into poorer families, African-Americans are far more likely to share what little they have with others…

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has an interesting take on LeBron James returning back to Cleveland.  While the majority of the basketball nation is giving LeBron kudos for returning to his Northeast…

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh has opened up about LeBron James leaving Miami to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers and he has “no bitter feelings” towards his former teammate.  In an…

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Atlanta Film Director Hopes Melanin Documentary Will Change Perception of Blacks

Atlanta film director Lee Green recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for his latest project, Melanin: The God Particle. Green hopes that by educating people about all the things melanin really does, he can alter the negative perception of Blacks that surrounds their darker skin complexion. Ever since grade school we have been taught melanin is what […]

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Ind. Teen Allegedly Slayed Flight Attendant in Grisly Robbery Plot

In an eerie robbery plot that ended in murder near a deserted stretch of road in Gary, Ind., a veteran United Airlines flight attendant was viciously beaten, fatally stabbed and stuffed in her car trunk allegedly by her daughter’s boyfriend, the Daily News reports, citing various news outlets and court documents. Damarius Wren, 18, on […]

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Cavs are willing to give up a First Round pick for Kevin Love, just not Andrew Wiggins By MD Harris I don’t think the Cleveland Cavaliers want to give up on this kind of athleticism…

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Don’t Spend Your Life Savings On Concert Watch Beyonce & Jay Z For Free

Witnessing Beyoncé in concert by herself is one heck of an adventure. Seeing Jay Z solo is another main attraction. But seeing them on a joint tour, sharing…

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris The Baltimore Ravens continue to have a turbulent off season as another player is arrested.  Ravens starting cornerback and 2011 first-round draft pick out of Colorado, Jimmy Smith, was arrested and…

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BOSS Sports Team by Team 2014 NFL Preview: Miami Dolphins BY: MD Harris 2013 Record: 8-8, third place in the AFC East The Miami Dolphins are one of those teams that just seems weird to…


Reported by Liku Zelleke Forbes is usually known for listing the wealthiest individuals in its annual issues. This time, they have decided to up the ante and list the richest families in the US. The…

Actor Tracy Morgan leaves the hospital but still has a long way to go

April Taylor The Daily Mail is reporting that Tracy Morgan has been seen for the first time in five weeks after being released from a rehabilitation facility.  He appeared thinner and grim-looking, wearing a hat, t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes.  Morgan’s spokesman Lewis Kay, reports that Morgan “has been released from the rehabilitation center and […]

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Good News: Risk Of Heart Disease Can be Reversed by Adopting Healthy Habits

Reported by Kacie Whaley A new study shows that even after years of an unhealthy lifestyle, the risk of heart damage can be reversed if healthy habits are adopted. On June 30th, a study by Northwestern Medicine was published in Circulation which found that adults in their 30s and 40s could reduce the risk of […]

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The latest from the writers in the Your Black World Network

by Dr. Boyce Watkins I’ll start by stating that I’m a big fan of the rapper Dee1.  Dee1, whose real name is David Augustine, is a protege of another great hip-hop artist, Lupe Fiasco.  Dee…

An Army sergeant who fought off at least two dozen German soldiers by himself during World War I may finally get the recognition he deserves. According to recent reports, the Pentagon is considering whether to…

25-year old pregnant mother of five<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
          gunned down while driving in Chicago

25-year old pregnant mother of five gunned down while driving in Chicago

by Afiya J. Watkins Chicago is a great town with much to offer, but sadly it is increasingly becoming a city known for violent crime. In the wake of a particularly grim holiday weekend in which the Chicago Police Department reported a staggering 60 shootings, came the murder of Jasmine Curry, a 25-year-old pregnant mother […]

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“Where Can I Get Asylum?” Asks Woman Stuck in Dangerous Baltimore Neighborhood

Unaccompanied minors fleeing viοlence in Mexico and Central America have created an urgent crisis for the U.S., with those sympathetic insisting that lawmakers have a responsibility to care for these immigrant children. This stance has rankled some here in America who point to urban youth who live in viοlent communities and even suffer through post […]

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Jameis Winston Wants To Earn His Degree BY:  MD Harris Back in June, Antonor Winston, Jameis Winton’s father, told that his son would remain at Florida State for two more years.  “We want Jameis…

Dr. Angela Davis – The Injustice of the Prison Industrial Complex

Dr. Angela Davis is known worldwide for her work to combat all forms of oppression as an activist, teacher, and writer.  Dr. Davis’ political activism has strong roots to her upbringing in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1940s and 50s.  Her experiences with racial prejudice and discrimination had a powerful impact on her and encouraged her […

UCLA to Pay $500,000 for Racially Profiling Judge During Traffic Stop

July 12, 20141 CommentRead More#UCLA will pay $500,000 to settle a racial profiling claim brought against the school by a black judge over a traffic stop last year. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David S. Cunningham will only receive $150,000 and the other $350,000 will go to pay for scholarships in Cunningham’s name that will be paid to […]




You’ll never believe how many Christians are cheating on their spouses

Reported by Liku Zelleke People that think just because someone is a born again Christian he or she has a new, and somewhat elevated, set of moral standards are in for a big surprise. Ashley Madison is a website that exists to help people cheat. Their clientele come to them because they want to have […]


Teen Sentenced to 23 Years for Kιlling Police Dog During Burglary

After NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s career was almost ruined for taking part in a dog fιghting ring, some observers wondered whether society valued the life of dogs more than black men. This conversation is bound to be reignited now that a 17 year old black teen has been sentenced to 23 years behind bars for […

The Game and his ex-fiance are working through domestic violence issues

by Afiya J. Watkins Being in a public relationship and trying to maintain a stable family life with a well-known rap star is hard. You’d probably expect your man to be away from home a lot, causing an imbalance of parental duties, and you’d also have to anticipate the groupies looming in the background threatening […]


What LeBron James Can Teach Us About The Power of Reconciliation | Early Jackson

By Early Jackson Just under 1,460 days ago LeBron Raymone James made an epic decision to take his talents, family and championship hopes 1,112 miles south to Miami…

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When The Anger Over Your Ex Interferes With Co-Parenting | Towanna Freeman

By Dr. Towanna Freeman When you break up with somebody, the last thing you want to do is ever be involved with him or her again. However, when…

How To Get Paid What You’re Worth And Increase Your Value

July 11, 20142 CommentsRead More#William R. Patterson is a renowned executive coach, award-winning lecturer, and national best-selling author.  He is the CEO and co-founder of The Baron Solution Group; the company holds business and personal finance workshops in cities across the United States based on the strategies Patterson outlines in his book, “The Baron Son.”  The company is a […]

Did You Know Red Bull Was Banned For Having Cocaine In It?

Red Bull is the world’s leading producer of energy drinks, selling billions of cans every year.  The drinks origins date back to 1976 when Chaleo Yoovidhya introduced a drink called Krating Daeng in Thailand that was mostly used by truck drivers and laborers to ward of sleep.  In 1982, Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz discovered […]


The latest from the writers in the Your Black World Network

Yolanda Spivey is best-known for her wildly popular article about being an unemployed black woman in the job market.   Frustrated that she couldn’t find an opportunity, she changed her name to Bianca White, changed…

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Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are two guys who know how to make money.  Their experiences may be different from our own, but there is something to be learned from a person who thinks about…

Single mother’s legal gun                 permit may get her three years in prison

Single mother’s legal gun permit may get her three years in prison

By: Krystle Crossman A 27 year-old Pennsylvania resident is being punished in a case that has garnered quite a bit of controversy.  Shaneen Allen is now facing three years in a New Jersey prison because she was honest with a police officer about the gun that she had a permit to carry. The only problem was that

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Man Claims African Land So That Daughter Can Become Princess

A Virginia man who claimed a plot of land for himself didn’t pay for it, but says it belongs to him because he planted a flag. Jeremiah Heaton claimed the “Kingdom of North Sudan” as a way of granting his 6 year old daughter’s wish of becoming a princess. “As a parent you sometimes go […]

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Black Students Successfully Lobby to Have Confederate Flags Removed From Campus

Reported by April V. Taylor According to the Atlanta BlackStar, black student protestors have successfully lobbied Washington and Lee University, the country’s ninth oldest university, to remove Confederate flags from its campus.  The school released a public apology through President Kenneth Ruscio earlier this week apologizing for slavery’s “regrettable” role in the school’s history and […]

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Aretha Franklin is known as the Queen of Soul.  Franklin was born in Memphis, Tennessee on March 25, 1942.  After her mother died from a heart attack, Franklin and her four siblings moved with their…

Pope Francis Predicts 8,000 Catholic Priests Are Pedophiles

Reported by April V. Taylor Multiple news sources are reporting on a recent interview Pope…

9 Proofs That We Are NOT Living In a Post-Racial America

Reported by Nigel Boys You would think that after 50 years of the Civil Rights Act being signed into law, conditions should have improved greatly for those who were once trodden down so badly by society. However, racial discrimination against minorities is still rampant today, according to various studies. Here are a few ways that […

You’d be amazed at what goes through the minds of pastors’ wives


Jay Z Scores His First Major Endorsement Deal for Kevin Durant By MD Harris NBA MVP and Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant has secured his first major endorsement deal since signing with Jay Z’s…

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By Brandon Simmons Cleveland Cavaliers forward Lebron James stirred up a lot of emotions when he went back to the Cavs. For Cavalier fans there were feelings of hope and relief while Heat fans had…


Eric Holder Says Both He and Obama Are Victims of “Racial Animus”

July 14, 20143 CommentsRead MoreAttorney General Eric Holder said on Sunday that both he and President Obama have been victims of “racial animus” where political adversaries are concerned. “There’s a certain level of vehemence, it seems to me, that’s directed at me [and] directed at the president,” Holder said, according to The Hill. “You know, people talking about taking […]


Radio Host Who Complained of Black Jungle Savages Says He Isn’t Racist

After a skirmish with a black woman near Times Square, Sirius XM radio host Anthony Cumia went on a full fledged rant, saying cities are a “jungle after midnight” because of “savages” like the woman he’d just fought with. During his Twitter rant, Cumia lashed out not only at the woman with whom he’d had […

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Feed the Hungry Step Up to Feed Starving Children

Reported by Kacie Whaley Feed the Children was in Philadelphia this week, and their generous donations of clothing, fresh fruit, and other healthy foods brought smiles to the faces of hundreds of families in need. The charity partnered with more than a dozen agencies to bring the event to the parking lot of Deliverance Evangelistic […]

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How Artist Stomps on Society’s Beauty Ideals

By: Krystle Crossman Women today are struggling to keep up with what they think that society wants them to be. They try crazy fad diets and exercise trends to stay as in shape as they possibly can. Some will even go to crazy lengths such as plastic surgery to make themselves look like the picture-perfect […]


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