I normally send you emails reporting Black news and events throughout the world, but I’ve made this weekend an exception because changing the negative portrayals of Black love and family is a very serious matter.  Also, because Your Black World is determined to remain independent, your support is critical to keeping us moving and growing. Every day at Your Black World we remind you of the reasons why it’s important for us to stop Corporate America’s mass promotion of negative images of our people. But what are we doing to put an end to this?


From today through Sunday night at 11:59 EDT, we’re offering you an opportunity to create change in your family and community with a unique partnership I’ve formed.For this weekend only, you can purchase “The Black Family Film Pack” from power couple Lamar & Ronnie Tyler for just $30 dollars! These 4 DVDs that would normally retail for $20 each are being brought exclusively to the Your Black World family for $30. If you’ve never heard of these films just ask around, the screenings for the films have been sold-out at a number of locations throughout the nation. As an additional bonus, when you purchase the Black Family Film Pack you’ll get an instant download of my ebook Financial Lovemaking for FREE!


The Black Family Film Pack includes:


Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage – An in-depth look at how black marriage is viewed inside and outside of the black community.


You Saved Me – The greatest love stories ever told! Couples give an honest and transparent look into how their relationships saved their lives.


Men Ain’t Boys – 45 Men from across the country talk about what manhood and fatherhood really looks like. You’ve never seen a conversation like this.


Still Standing – Starring Kindred the Family Soul, Dr. Sherry Blake (Braxton Family Values) & Speech Thomas (Arrested Development). Real couples share how they’ve overcome infidelity, financial issues, blended family troubles, communication breakdowns, and more to remain Still Standing.


BONUS: Financial Lovemaking 101: Merging Assets With Your Partner In Ways that Feel Good (e-book) – You can think of the Financial Lovemaking system as the “Kama Sutra of Money Management.” It teaches you the ins and outs of the financial lovemaking process, and how your financial choices can serve to stimulate and strengthen your relationship, rather than destroy it.

Here’s what I recommend you do after you receive your package:


Host a screening at your home with family and friends (great for couples or girls night out)


Host a screening at your church or organization


Have others in your family who need to see positive images of marriage, relationships, parenting and fatherhood view the films with you.


The feedback for these films have been great, and it’s a good watch for everyone including couples who are engaged, newlyweds, and those who have been married for years. We’ve also heard great things about the film Men Ain’t Boys, which examines manhood and fatherhood in the black community.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts once you review everything.

Click here to view the film trailers, learn more and to purchase.



Dr. Boyce Watkins


I hope you are as serious about changing the image of Black love and family as I am. This weekend I’ve made sacrifices to show you the seriousness of the need for us to change the way we’re portrayed in mainstream media. This is the only time that we’ll be able to offer this sale in 2013 and it ends tomorrow (Sunday) night at 11:59PM EST, so don’t wait. Click here to get the details and to purchase.


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