ZENTRUM PAUL KLEE 14 March to 22 June 2014 à BERN

A preview of what’s upcoming in 2014 at the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern, Switzerland, including “The Trip to Tunis”, “Taking a Line for a Walk,” “Antony Gormley. Model” and “Paul Klee. Special class – Not for sale”.
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2014 Preview Images

Paul Klee, Hamammet, 1914 (Private collection)

Paul Klee, Erober, 1930 (Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern)


August Macke, Markt in Tunis I, 1914 (Private collection, courtesy Thole Rotermund Kunsthandel, Hamburg)

Brice Marden, The Muses, 1991-1993 (Daros Collections, Swiss private collection, Germany)


The trip to Tunis.
Klee, Macke, Moilliet

14 March to 22 June 2014

A comprehensive exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of a defining moment in the history of modernity: Klee’s trip to Tunis with August Macke and Louis Moilliet in April 1914.

Taking a Line for a Walk

16 April to 17 August 2014

With works by Paul Klee, Mark Tobey (1890-1976), Henri Michaux (1899-1984), Cy Twombly (1928- 2011), Brice Marden (b. 1938), Jonathan Lasker (b. 1948), Olav Christopher Jenssen (b. 1954), Christopher Wool (b. 1955).

Antony Gormley. Model (t.b.c)

11 September 2014 to 4 January 2015

A monumental installation by British sculptor Antony Gormley, renowned for works that address the relationship between a viewer and the surrounding space.

Paul Klee.
Special class – Not for sale

23 October 2014 to 1 February 2015

“Special class – Not for Sale” was a category in Paul Klee’s classification system to designate works of special significance. This exhibition will include over 100 “special class” works – 40 percent of the total number of such works in existence.
























































































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