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Interview Hub have just spoken with the Canadian actress, model and television presenter, Charlotte Le Bon. Would you be interested in purchasing some bespoke and exclusive written content for your publication?

Hailing from Montreal she began modelling at 16 and left Canada at 19, working in Tokyo and New York before settling in Paris. Shortly afterwards she was cast in the French pop culture based talk show, Le Grand Journal, appearing as the show’s weather girl, Miss Météo. Due to her success on this she landed a role in the movie biopic Yves Saint Laurent and is now starring in the highly anticipated film The Hundred Foot Journey, alongside Dame Helen Mirren. A real character, Le Bon was full of personality, relaxed and funny, giving us an insight into some great topics, including:

  • The Hundred Foot Journey
  • Cooking
  • The difference between Montreal French and the French
  • French culture
  • Comedy
  • Her wicked sense of humour
  • Her time as the Weathergirl on Le Grand Journal
  • The comic sketches she has done
  • Breaking into Hollywood
  • Career ambition
  • Her art projects and illustrations
  • Modelling and fashion
  • Working with Dame Helen Mirren
  • Her next film The Walk with Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • Paris
  • Love of surfing, travel and fitness

We can provide you with the raw transcript with full national exclusivity rights or produce a uniquely tailored written through feature, which we’ll style to your specification and word length.

We have an array of photo shoot images (see link below) and can produce an exclusive package of content (images and text) for an all-inclusive price.

Could this work as a feature for an upcoming issue?

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