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In this week’s episode:

Go inside the studio of the sessions for The Vigil, Chick’s latest band and album.

Chick has a revealing conversation between Chick and his favorite young drummer, Marcus Gilmore — grandson of towering drum legend Roy Haynes, and one of the most in-demand drummers in any genre.

Marcus also goes step-by-step, detailing how Chick’s new tunes evolved on the road.

Hear the backstory in Music Magic w/ Chick Corea —Jazzcast for Musicians: Episode #2

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PS: Chick’s first Online Music Workshop is coming late March 2014.

Get on the waiting list to get info & access before it opens up to the general public. (We’re expecting to sell out.)

NEW Music Magic Podcast Episode (#2) is now live! ‪#‎jazz‬ ‪#‎drums‬‪#‎music‬
Chick Corea Music Workshop – 02: “Let’s Just Throw It Down”: Chick in the Studio with Marcus Gilmore
Revealing conversation with Chick and drummer Marcus Gilmore — go inside the studio of the sessions for the The Vigil, Chick’s latest band and album.











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