fever 105

From The Stalls (Fever 105 Remix)
taken from the forthcoming Angus & Julia Stone release (France)

“With a name cleverly borrowed from the iconic GTA – Sidney Guillen creates music under the name Fever 105.
He grew up in France but spent most of his life in California and mostly in London where he learnt sound engineering and audio branding. His music can be describe by deep down-tempo rhythm with elegant harmonies and warm melodies. He quotes amongst his influences, Bill Withers, Al Green, Otis Redding or more recently Jai Paul but also bands like Radiohead and Mount Kimbie.
“What I hope to achieve is to challenge myself to improve and not stick with one thing.
That’s why it is quite difficult to describe my music as a single genre but I try to stay true to the emotions
I want to share through my music.  “
Fever 105



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