Gunter Nezhoda ex Bass player Pat Travers nous a quittés RIP

Gunter Nezhoda

Gunter Nezhoda, star of “Storage Wars,” died in his sleep, his son said on Instagram on March 22. Nezhoda was 67.

“He passed away in his sleep, peacefully, from complications from lung cancer,” the popular competitive bidder’s only child, Rene Nezhoda, said in a video posted to Instagram.

“My dad, six months ago, was diagnosed with lung cancer,” he said, adding that his dad smoked for 30 years. “He had all kinds of holes in his lungs. There’s nothing else that doctors could do.”

Gunter Nezhoda, a cast member since the show’s fourth season, has died at the age of 67 following complications with lung cancer. His son, fellow Storage Wars star Rene Nezhoda, confirmed the news in a candid video on social media Wednesday.

“Today’s a very sad day and this is a very hard video to make… I’m just gonna say it the way I say it. My dad, 6 months ago, was diagnosed with lung cancer,” Rene said. “He’s been smoking for 30 years. Not the last time, but he’s been smoking for a long time. Last night, he passed away in his sleep from complications from lung cancer.”








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