Jackie was born in Florence Alabama and she now resides in Aurora Colorado, and for as long as she can remember, she has always had a love for music and to singing.  She first began singing after school, filling in at studio sessions with the late Tom Stafford, who created a studio over a drug store on Main Street in Florence, Alabama.  This was a place where many teenagers in the neighborhood could go and sing and record.  She met many up and coming singers and musicians there, such as Aretha Franklin, the late June Alexander, and Percy Sledge.  It was there that she met Mr. Billy Sherrill and Rick Hall of the famous FAME recording studio, of Muscle shoals, Alabama.  Billy Sherrill like her voice and invited her to record in Nashville, TN.  Together they recorded a hit song called “The Tingle”, which was the flip side of the single “Teenage Troubles” also recorded by Jackie.  She was signed to a five year contract, at 16 under Noel Ball’s Chess Records with Billy Sherrill acting as her manager.  Unfortunately Jackie didn’t get another hit out of her deal, but she gained much wisdom of the industry from her experience at FAME.

Jackie’s love for music and singing has taken her to many places as an artist such as France, China, Spain, and Mexico. Below is a brief look at my accomplishments as a singer:

  • Jackie recorded with a group named “The Voices of Salvation”, which she was one of the lead vocalist.


  • She has done small roles in local theater productions.


  • Jackie began composing songs, with many registered with Library of congress Wash. DC.


  • She has produced her own CDs and hosted her own Television Show entitled “You can make A Difference” for DCTV channel 58 and Radio program on KQXI, both of which ran for more than a year.


  • Volunteering for six years at the Denver County Jail where she sang and brought the word to the inmates.


  • Jackie has sang at the Seattle Superdome, Seattle Washington, for A.L. Williams insurance convention.


  • Tours of Paris, France, Spain and the Peoples Republic of China with World Evangelism of Dallas, Texas for two weeks.


  • Jackie has also sang at a Women’s conference in Veracruz, Mexico, for the SIME (Seminarios internacionales de Mujeres de Excelencia)


  • She was invited by Paul and Jan Crouch to perform on TBN in Santa Ana, California and for their station opening in Westminster, Colorado.


  • She was a regular on Daystar television, local Denver station and also performed on the Daystar affiliate in Dallas, Texas.


  • Invited to perform the National Anthem for the Colorado Rockies for the regular season Baseball games.


  • Jackie recorded “the Welcome Song” with the Epworth United Methodist, Holy Hookup choir, for the album “Elder King Harris and the Holy Ghost Hookup Choir”.


  • Also she recorded, performed, and toured with the Colorado Movement Choir, she is in the process of recording a solo project featuring Jackie and Colorado Movement choir.







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