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I hope you are well and had a good weekend.

I’m emailing to see if you’d be interested in purchasing some bespoke and exclusive interview content with James Franco, star of films such as James Dean, for which he won a Golden Globe, Spiderman, Pineapple Express, 127 Hours, Rise of Planet of the Apes and Oz the Great and Powerful.

There’s more to Franco than meets the eye; although known for his acting he is currently finishing a Ph.D in English Literature at Yale University whilst teaching various courses on film at UCLA and Cal Arts. He states “I never wanted to be limited to acting,” and this is reflected through his devotion to the arts, pursuing routes in education, teaching, directing, poetry and writing.

Franco has a reputation for debunking his own celebrity status along with celebrity culture and his new film The Interview, with Seth Rogen, has already stirred up controversy and criticism from North Korea, due to the mocking of Kim Jong Un. The Californian star is never afraid to speak his mind and was relaxed as ever in the interview. We had the opportunity to discuss topics such as his new film, why he enjoys variety in his career, personal challenges, his doctorate, celebrity culture, working on Broadway for Of Mice and Men, how he responds to criticism, his love for comedy and difficulties in meeting women.

We can provide you with the raw transcript with full national exclusivity rights or produce a uniquely tailored written through feature, which we’ll style to your specification and word length.

We have an array of photo shoot images (see link below) and can produce an exclusive package of content (images and text) for an all-inclusive price.


Please feel free to get in touch for further information on this content.

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