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Justin Johnson
27 août, 20:33
Just 4 Strings and a porch in the Mississippi Delta
Porch Pickin Blues

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Justin Johnson
28 août, 01:35
Getting our Kicks on a Route 66 4-String Guitar and a Bicycle Upright Bass ~ 2015 World Tour 
Enjoy & Please Share! Take a musical ride with us!
Justin Johnson Gets His Kicks on a Route 66 4-String Guitar



Let’s spend Easter weekend surrounded by music, friends, and cigar box guitars!! I have two shows that weekend, both at awesome SC venues, and both include a workshop followed by concert. Several CBG friends have mentioned coming to both shows, so let’s make a rolling caravan weekend out of it and hang out all weekend.. I’ll teach you everything I know and we’ll keep the party going all weekend!
•Good Friday, April 3, Greenville SC: Justin Johnson’s Rolling Cigar Box Guitar and Roots Revue! Live at Mac Arnold’s Blues Restaurant
•Saturday, April 4, Winnsboro, SC: Live at the 145 Club! Justin Johnson’s Rolling Cigar Box Guitar & Roots Revue!

Photo de Justin Johnson.
Photo de Justin Johnson.


























Remerciement à Joel Poupeau Justin Johnson et Nikki pour cette belle soirée








































































































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