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Kenny Loggins

Kickstarter Update – ONE WEEK LEFT

Hey, it’s Kenny. Taking a quick break from my tour to give you an update on Kickstarter. But first, a confession… when I launched my Kickstarter projectabout three weeks ago, I’ll admit I was nervous. I’m new to this crowdfunding gig and wasn’t sure how you’d all react.
Fast forward – with your help, we actually reached our funding goal in just two weeks! I’m incredibly grateful for your support.
We’re not quite done yet, though. Yes, we wanted to raise funds for our second album, but we did it publically on Kickstarter with the hope of getting all of you involved in the process, too! Right now, 13 fans will be singing guest vocals on our new album and a couple hundred more will soon be sporting our Kickstarter exclusive T-shirt and coming to our CD release parties in 2015.
How cool would it be if we could end this campaign with at least 1000 backers? It sounds like a lot of work, and it is. So, I need your help. I’d like to ask you to do two things:
1. Pledge a buck at if you haven’t already. Right now, a single dollar is just as important as a $10,000 donation.
2. Tell your friends. Facebook it, Tweet it, forward this email. Every bit helps.
When we hit 750 backers, I will grow back my full beard! – Talk about #ThrowbackThursday, huh? And I’ll even document the whole process with photos, videos, and maybe an interview or two. You can follow the hirsute madness on social media with the hashtag #KLOGBeard.
As always, let’s keep this goin’ and make some beautiful music together!
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