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Michael Kopsa (January 22, 1956 – October 23, 2022) was a Canadian actor.

Kopsa was known for his role as Char Aznable in the English dub of Mobile Suit Gundam and for his role as Commander Volcott O’Huey in Galaxy Angel. He also provided the voice of Beast in X-Men: Evolution. He also appeared on the science fiction TV series Stargate SG-1 on several occasions, as well as The X-FilesThe Net, and The Outer Limits. In the fourth and fifth season of Fringe, he played the recurring Observer villain Captain Windmark.

He was formerly married to actress Lucia Frangione, and they had one daughter. Kopsa died of complications from a brain tumor on October 23, 2022, at the age of 66.[1][2][3][4]




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