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Announcement Album Release “Lost in the Desert”

Hello my dear Friends and Fans,I didn´t send out any newsletters in the last weeks, yes it was summer and I did take a break. I mean, I did what busy artists do….work, work and work. :-))I am not the kind of person sending out long stories about what I do everyday, what happens every minute in my live and so on. For all of you who were wondering when the new album “Lost in the Desert” will be finanlly released I can now announce a date: November 15th, 2013 !Why isn´t the album released earlier?

– I was changing the complete sounds, arragements and mixes of every track of an almost finished album
– Every sound on this album has been created digitally from the point zero, no samples, no loops, no recordings, no music files or what so ever….only hard- and software synths to design the sounds.
– Two months before the original release date, September 2013, I got an incredible offer and opportunity, to get a real grammy award winning mixing and mastering engineer from New York on board….I didn´t think twice ;-)…. I changed the original strategy and set the album release date two months later to November 15th

I will make sure that from now on you will receive newsletters and information on a much more regular basis, about everything that happens. Stay in touch, to get the latest news about me and my works.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Modis Chrisha


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Modis Chrisha – Music is much more PASSION Vol. Storm
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“Modis Chrisha. A composer of zealous classical music with a beatnik that defines his sounds that no one else has.”  — Ron Farpella,

“So much beauty… Many times people have to add a lot of layers to achieve the sound that you have but you’ve done it in a very simplistic way… :)”  — Marquita Brown, Marquita Brown

“Excellent work – um es gleich für alle zu sagen …”  — Xenophanes Productions, Xenophanes Productions


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