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myRockworld concert review Rock Meets Classic 2013 live in munich 6.3.2013.
Rock Meets Classic was founded by Manfred Hertlein 1992 and is the best show for Classic and Rock fans at the moment, because you get great Rockstars, lots of Hits and awesome arrangements of the alltime Classic Rocksongs performed by a big orchestra and the great Matt Sinner Band backing the Stars. Rock Meets Classic 2013 features Paul Rodgers ( Free/Bad Company, Eric Bazilian ( The Hooters), Steve Augeri ( Journey) , Chris Thompson ( Manfred Manns Earthband) and Bonnie Tyler. More than 7000 fans were at the Olympiahall in munich yesterday and sang together with the Stars all the big hits from Daveys on the Road again, don´t stop believing, Johnny B, holding out for a hero to All right now. A well rehearsed Matt Sinner ( Sinner, Vooddoo Circle, Primal Fear) Band, the great Orchestra from Prague, a fantastic sound and cool Rockstars with passion.
What do you want more? The fans got up from their seats and started to cream and shout when Eric Bazilian got on the stage and let them feel free to do whatever they want  And they danced….Before and after the show we had very nice talks and meetings with all the performers,
and a great private date with Eric.
This package is a MUST for all Rockfans. special thanks to Nastassja Maier from Global Concerts, Manfred Hertlein, Alexander von Spreti and thank you from my heart …soulbrother Eric Bazilian.

more infos for the next Rock Meets Classic concerts 2013


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