‘Superwoman’ is probably my most personal album to date. During the writing process I was faced with the decision of whether or not to open up about a period of my life that I struggled with, or whether I kept these details private.
I hope you can listen and find joy and healing from my pain, that is my desire for this album.
It is basically my musical diary, every lyric is how I felt at that time.
I want it to inspire you to know that you are worth more than what anybody tells you, and you can overcome and conquer anything.
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Rebecca Announces New Album
Lady Sings The Blues!

Hi,Rebecca is back! Earlier today Rebecca took to her socials to announce that she is back with her new album Lady Sings The Blues. The album is Rebecca’s interpretation of the iconic Billie Holiday album, whose story led to the multi-award winning film and record starring Diana Ross. Find out more bywatching the video below!
Official Website - Find out more
Lady Sings The Blues is due for release on March 9th. Pre-order on Amazon here.

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Rebecca will be taking Lady Sings The Blues to the St. James Theatre in London in February and March and tickets are on sale now. To get your hands on tickets, simply click one of the dates below!
16th February 2015
18th February 2015 (SOLD OUT)
20th February 2015
21st February 2015 (SOLD OUT)
19th March 2015
20th March 2015
21st March 2015
Stay tuned for more news coming soon x
St James Theatre - Buy Tickets

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