Star Wars feeling for your galactic homeWhether photomurals or deco-sticker – Komar presents “The Force Awakens” with some brand new motifs

Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca are back again. And in the run-up to “The Force Awakens”, Komar’s brand new Star Wars collection offers a sneak preview of Episode VII of the legendary Star Wars series. With five photomurals and four decorative stickers on the iconic space saga theme, Komar’s intergalactic wall coverings create a (home) movie atmosphere par excellence even before the film’s premiere.

An impressive, futuristic-style collage combines familiar faces from the Star Wars universe with the three new characters Stormtrooper Finn, fearless Rey and rebel pilot Poe Dameron, who join the fight against the First Order. On the dark side of the Force, meanwhile, villain Kylo Ren brandishes his retro red lightsaber. The indestructible robot companions R2D2 and C-3PO, side by side with the comical newcomer BB-8, also put in a “glossy” appearance. And technology freaks get their money’s worth with meticulously detailed blueprints of the Star Wars spaceships.

Against this film-like backdrop, the mysterious voice that prognosticates in the film trailer resounds in the room: “My father has it. I have it. My sister has it. You have that power, too.”

With its Star Wars motifs, the world’s market leader in photomurals once again reinforces its claim of presenting expressive and striking designs in first-class quality. Whether stylish non-woven wallpapers, large-format decorative stickers or fun window stickers, Komar’s window and wall coverings always create new illusions for living rooms and bedrooms. Imagination and creativity know no bounds.

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Since 1967 Komar Products stands for innovative ideas, design and quality in print. Komar has made its name known far outside its home country of Germany with its high quality photomurals and non-woven photomurals and has grown to become a global player and the world market leader in its field. As the specialist for individual wall design, Komar achieves over 70% of its profit from the export market in over 100 countries, where its numerous clients are continually won over by Komar’s varied and expressive designs.

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