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Band Name: IMMY
Location(s): Paris, France
Song(s) Title: Make Up Love
Album Title: This is a single release (upcoming album called “Paris” to be released later this year)
Album Month/Year: June 2017
A short bio(optional):
IMMY is a funk and r’n’b singer from Wuppertal, Germany and comes from a musical family. Starting with her first band in high school, to her first professional CD recording at age 12 as part of the official 2004 Olympics Eurosport compilation CD, and her experience with Funk/Soul cover bands, Imke has experimented with almost every genre of music to find her own direction. She quickly became tired of covering songs and decided to start writing her own compositions. The most remarkable results have been collaborations with Manu Dibango, Carlprit, Metaphysics (Söhne Mannheims), Curt Jones (AURRA), Brenda Boykin, Mental Madness, KMX Sounds, Ministerium Music and others. In 2007 she started her own project, Imke Funk & Band, playing her own version of Neo Soul/Funk/Pop music with German lyrics. She started her own music project in Paris together with French musicians, the project IMMITY. She started recently her new solo project IMMY with the release of the single “HEAVY HEARTED”. Her new single is “MAKE UP LOVE” is the second single release of her upcoming EP “Paris”.

New video: “Make Up Love”:


“Make Up Love” feat. Marc Kiss & 2NIC3 Remix:

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