Pre-Holiday Stress?
No…not from shopping and anticipation of dysfunctional get togethers with your annoying brother-in-law who gets drunk and insults everybody. You may be stressed about something REALLY important: That lousy music they’ve saddled you with for your seasonal productions.
Here are two approaches to ensure a
Happy Holiday for all good little Producers and Editors:
If you want that Traditional, Heartwarming, Ugly Christmas Sweater kind of thing we have it:  All the usual Jingle Bell Deck The Halls etc. Carols are here.BUT …  if your Holiday needs run more in the eclectic direction we have that too.

Give yourself the Gift of The Organic Music Library:
  • Custom Searches
  • Project Folders – (for your favorites)
  • Quickly Share Your Favorites with Colleagues and Clients
  • Try Before You Buy Demos

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