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I hope you’re well and having a good, productive week.

Interview Hub has just received a brand new 1-2-1 transcript with the Oscar winning actress, and all-round good egg, Reese Witherspoon.

Witherspoon admits that she’s struggled to find meaningful roles of late. In recent years she’s preferred to devote herself to family life following the birth of her son Tennessee, now 2, her first child with second husband Jim Toth. But things changed when she came across the script to Wild, the bestselling 2012 memoir by Cheryl Strayed about her soul-searching, epic 1,100 mile journey along the Pacific Crest Trail in California. Witherspoon saw in the novel a triumphant tale of female empowerment that made her determined to bring the story to the big screen.

Premiering at the recent Toronto International Film Festival, Wild has not only been earning the 38-year-old actress rave reviews but plenty of buzz as a likely Oscar nominee once again.

In addition to Wild, Witherspoon will also be seen later this year in The Good Lie, a film about four orphaned children from the second Sudanese Civil War in 1983 who eventually make their way to the U.S. Witherspoon plays the U.S. aid worker who helps settle the orphans in America.

During the interview several topics were discussed, including:

  • Bring inspired by Cheryl Strayed after reading her book and contacting her direct to portray her
  • Her desire to take on a strong, gritty female lead character in Wild
  • Why she wanted to develop this project on her own
  • Why this story is so important when showing a woman going alone into the wild and living by her wits rather than a man
  • The mental difficulties shooting scenes which were very sexually explicit
  • Taking her children to Kenya to shoot The Good Lie
  • The different perspectives of privileges and opportunities this film brings to light
  • The new direction these two films have given her career
  • The role her mother played in inspiring her to achieve everything she has done

I wondered if you could make good use of the transcript for a forthcoming issue in the near future, particularly with Christmas issues coming up and how the release dates of these films could tie in with that.

The full interview is now available on a first-come, first-served basis with full national exclusivity rights guaranteed. If you were to purchase it you can use and edit the text however you wish for your publication, and a selection of complimentary hi-res images can be provided to go with the text. Also, through our partnership with Press Association, we have additional photo-shoot images available too, for a small fee. A selection of which can be seen here:

If this is of interest, have any questions, would like to preview the transcript, or require any further information, please do let me know ASAP so we can plan ahead accordingly.



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