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Andrew Earl Singer 3 septembre 04:08
Rich Sirgiovanni: The Grimps (Exclusive Article for Worldwide Talent Magazine)Rich Sirgiovanni is the creator of, the soon to be animated children’s rock n roll TV show called The Grimps. By night, they’re 4 cool, charming, irrepressible musicians on the verge of stardom. By day, they’re hairy, scary & tiny. Winston, Mac, Emerson & Moonie along with their friend & wizard, Magic Alex are The Grimps. They lived 500 years ago, cursed by the evil Spectar because he was jealous of their music & celebrity. So he cursed and turned them into ugly little grimps, to be banished from society for eternity.Until 500 years later, their friend & wizard, Magic Alex found a temporary spell to change them back to humans, but only from sunset to sunrise…but with one other glitch…they’re still tiny! Rich is a graduate of The School of Visual Arts, where he studied cartooning under Harvey Kurtzman (Mad) & Will Eisner (The Spirit) has been freelancing as a cartoonist for many years in newspapers, books and advertisements.

He is also a musician who played in the NYC original club circuit during the late 70’s & 80’s, playing on the same bill and circuit with acts like Cyndi Lauper, Madonna & Bon Jovi.

He started developing The Grimps 3 years ago when he wanted to create a new project that combined his 2 passions, cartoons & rock ‘n’ roll. Besides wanting to develop a half hour series for kids, his intention is to create an animated rock n roll band presented to the public with original music. Sirgiovanni says the target audience is kids 7-12 years old but believes that we will also attract the parents & grandparents. The Grimps in some ways are a tribute to his heroes and people from rock ‘n’ roll history. He has also spoken to many rock & pop icons that have shown interest in providing their talents as musicians and or voiceovers. People like, Keith Emerson, Todd Rudgren, Mickey Dolenz, Peter Noone, Eric Burdon and many more that he is currently talking to. “My plan is to have every show and song incorporate an icon from Rock ‘n’ Roll history….I think it would be very cool” says Sirgiovanni. The Grimps theme song titled, “We’re The Grimps”, was written by Ron Dante & Freddie “Boom Boom” Cannon. Ron Dante is best known for being the voice of the biggest selling song in 1969, Sugar Sugar by The Archies and Freddie Cannon for “Palisades Park”.

Development of The Grimps’ music in the studio will be produced by Grammy Award Winning Producer Jack Douglas. Jack has produced for John Lennon, Cheap Trick and Aerosmith plus many, many more. Currently, Rich Sirgiovanni is in production of a 3 minute animated trailer as well as new songs for The Grimps for network presentation.

“I believe that The Grimps is an entertainment property that will be very successful and speak to a lot of people. Here comes The Grimps to sing and laugh their way into your hearts!”

The trailer will be available on The Grimps website for all to see

Come back often and support the most fun loving band on the planet!

The Grimps – Official Site

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