Andrianov Shulman was born in 1959 in Tver, Russia

gor Andrianov Shulman was born in 1959 in Tver, Russia. He received his art education at Venetsianov Art College. Igor participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad since then. His works have been exhibited and sold in the art galleries all around the world. Igor has been living in Prague since 1999; he has been working under the name of Shulman since then. Artist′s statement: “Art is all my life. Even in when in my dreams I’m painting, trying to find new solutions, creating a new reality. It is nearly impossible for me to choose any particular style, genre or direction. There are no any unfamiliar zones or closed doors in art for me – I’m interested in everything. I can draw, paint, or project, and enjoy everything. I couldn’t imagine a single day of my life without creation”.
Photo de Tânia Maron.
Photo de Tânia Maron.

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