B.B. Kings in NYC

B.B. Kings in NYC

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Welcome to another edition of The Pace Report reporting from this year’s 2016 APAP Winter Music Conference. This year Tony Award and Grammy Award winning vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater showcased artists who are on her DDB Records label at B.B. Kings in NYC. Dee Dee’s latest CD, “Dee Dee’s Feathers,” features trumpeter and bandleader Irvin Mayfield. Mayfield produced the record and is a tribute to the music and heaitage of New Orleans, his hometown.

As part of APAP, Dee Dee also featured the ever talented Theo Croker, the grandson of legendary jazz icon, Doc Cheatham.

Dee Dee and I sat down to talk about the business of being in the business, why she decided to start her own label, and what she thinks the next generation of musicians and those in the record industry need to understand to succeed in the business. I also spoke with Irvin about how Dee Dee has become a leading industry leader from in front and behind the scenes and how she’s been a inspiration to make it in the record industry.

For upcoming info on Dee Dee’s and Irvin’s club dates or to order their latest CD, please visit them online at www.deedeebridgewater.com orwww.irvinmayfield.com.






























































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