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This week’s episode of Music Magic with Chick Corea:

Conversation with John Mayer at Electric Lady Studios

It’s a fascinating conversation, recorded during their first studio sessions in New York City. Chick and John go deep into improvisation and the life of a working musician. I took some photos during the sessions, too — you can see them here.

If you enjoy it, please let us know, with a review on iTunes.

As Chick would say — keep the music fires burning!

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Chick Corea Productions

Here are the link to the first 3 episodes:

#1: Inside Chick’s CD: The Making of the Vigil with Tim Garland
#2: “Let’s Just Throw It Down”: Chick in the Studio with Marcus Gilmore
#3: Latin Roots: Bass Player Carlitos Del Puerto

The 2-day workshop (or “Mega-Lesson” as we on the crew started calling it) is coming up March 29 – 30. If you haven’t already, get on the waiting list so we can let you know as soon as we release it — before it goes out to the public!


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