Chick thought it was important on his new album to pay tribute to his musical heroes — including the towering master, Thelonious Monk.
Not a lot of people know this, but Chick saw Monk perform a lot in the ’60s — and in today’s video (excerpted from the new album Solo Piano: Portraits), he’ll tell you about that, and the jazz scene in NYC:
Chick + Thelonious Monk video (please enable images)
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A few reviews from Chick’s Facebook page:
Jefferson in CA: I bought the album at a recent concert and love it. One of my all time faves.
Larry in Toronto: So much awesomeness! I particularly like in ‘style of composers’ as they are very much alive, very much really good friends, and with whom you are having good conversation in the moment in your ‘living room.’ I’ve expanded. Thanks.
Yours in music,
Community Manager
Chick Corea Productions
PS – Coming up tomorrow: Chick remembers his friend and mentor Paco de Lucia in part 4 of 6.

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