Chick & Béla Fleck’s New CD Two is out now! Woohoo!
Chick & Béla Fleck‘s live, years-in-the-making, genre-busting double-album isnow available for your listening pleasure.
“Wait until you hear their showpiece ‘Bugle Call Rag.’ Decades melt away from jazz history and a primal jazz spirit takes hold and triumphs.” — Buffalo News
“An aural snapshot of brilliant musicians engaged in egoless, intimate communication. They share clarity, focus, and inspiration simultaneously.” — AllMusic
Pick up your own copy now:
Notes from the Road: Chick & Béla on Tour

And the fun continues! After listening to the new album, go see them live!

In LA, Chick & Béla even sat down for a talk with NPR’s All Things Considered. Do yourself a favor and listen to the interview here.
The Buffalo News said the live show has “energy and charm … through the roof.”
Chick in Santa Fe
Chick checking out the piano in Santa Fe
Chick & Béla Fleck in Moab
Chick & Béla sound-checking at the Moab Music Festival in Utah

Yours in music,
Dan Muse
Community Manager
Chick Corea Productions
P.S.: The official tour T-shirt (check it out below) is on sale at all US shows. Between Sep. 24 and Oct. 4 I’ll even be running the merch booth myself. If you’re going to be coming out, stop by and say hi!
Tour t-shirt in Moab, UT
The exclusive tour T-shirt hanging out in beautiful Moab. If you’re coming to a US show, pick one up at the merch booth!
Hi there,
Today, we’ve got an excerpt from Solo Piano: Portraits where Chick reveals why he sat down to write the “Children’s Songs” — and you won’t believe the connection to Return to Forever (check it out at 0:19):
The new 2-CD set is packed with Chick’s stories — pick up your own copy as part of the Artistry of Chick Bundle here. Not available anywhere else on the internet, not even on Amazon!
Yours in music,
Community Manager
Chick Corea Productions
PS – Last video coming up tomorrow! Listen to the moment when Chick decided to try something on stage that he hadn’t done for decades – and made the audience speechless …
PPS – There are less than 300 Bundles left so be sure to get yours today!

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