This Hour Of The Day (Ruben Minuto) “THE LARSEN’S SESSIONS – Live in studio” New album by RUBEN MINUTO – “The STRANGEly born in Italy American GUY” Check it out on BANDCAMP! Discover this talented Italian singer, guitarist, songwriter with 30+ years experience on the music scene in Italy, Europe, U.S. (also as side musician with several International Blues and Americana artists): he made his appearance both at Chicago Blues Festival and Owensboro Bluegrass Festival, all main bluegrass and Old Time Music events in Europe, also at U.S. Army Fest in Naples 2 years followed with his Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Band. * “The most American among Italian artists or perhaps the most Italian among American ones …” [Mescalina] * “Ruben Minuto is The Music!” [Steve Arvey] * “Ruben Minuto is a talented musician, he possesses an extraordinary artistic sensibility and, something more important, he is one of those who has done the rank with conviction and enormous passion. ” [Roots Highway] “Think Of Paradise” songs track teaser Ruben Minuto pics WE REALLY HOPE YOU LIKE RUBEN’S MUSIC… Here a couple of songs more from Molly And Tenbrooks (trad. bluegrass revisited) Jimmy Two Steps (Ruben Minuto) High Heel Shoes (Ruben Minuto) Review on Ruben “Think Of Paradise” by ROAD TO JACKSONVILLE.
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