Brother Bootleg aka “Pusher” BIO:

Back and forth from Tennessee to Virginia was how the majority of my life has been spent. Raised everywhere from the riverbanks of Virginia to the ghetto’s of Greensboro. But The Valley, Sequatchie Valley, Tennessee is where I’m from. My stompin’ grounds, I suppose. I guess you could call me a southern survivor. The valley is beautiful in the day but once the sun goes down there’s places you don’t go unless you are a southern survivor and I’m here to tell my story. Welcome to my journey through the woods after dark.
CEO-Founder of The Bootleg Brotherhood™, Co-Founder/President of The Bootleg Brothers™, Founder/President of Old Faithful Moon™, Live Performer/Writer/Studio Musician for Tennessee Pushers | The Bootleg Brotherhood™, Guitarist and Vocalist.

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