Eddie Star Catalog Remastered with Music Video

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From Zero To Joybox Hero
Eddie Star Catalog Remastered with Music Video 

Monroe Entertainment Records Group is releasing two titles from punk rocker Eddie Star and his band Eddie Star and the Zero Effect.  His solo album titled “Generation Zero”, and a live album titled “Live from Hollywood”.  These titles provide a look back at the origins of Eddie Star’s sound with the upcoming release from his new band Joybox.  The titles were Mastered for iTunes at Masterdisk in New York City.

Eddie Star looks back at that time, “In the mid 90s we were part of a huge wave of bands coming out of California that were bringing punk rock to the mainstream music scene.  When Social Distortion signed with Epic in 1989 and subsequently Bad Religion to Atlantic, the whole scene exploded with acts. Then there was the SexPistols reunion.  Although my part in punk history may be smaller, I am very happy to be still making music and that finally music fans will get a chance to hear these albums.”

And a Music Video
To celebrate these releases, a music video for the song 2017 was produced and directed by New York photographer Marisha Camp.  Marisha’s brother, former MTV VJ Jessie Camp makes an appearance in the video.  “It was really cool to have Jesse appear in the video” says Star,  “He is a great guy and it made sense from the point of view that Jesse was on Total Request Live playing music videos when The Zero Effect was together.”

The director of the video 2017, Marisha Camp, was not shy about her opinions of working with Eddie Star “For as long as I have known Eddie, he has never wavered in his absolute belief in rock and roll. In his childhood memories, he waits for months to receive the Joan Jett poster that hangs on a record store wall, and even now, in 2013, in a post post post punk era, he is steadfast and loyal, sticking to his guns and writing the sort of unapologetic, fearless punk songs that would make his heroes proud. In making the 2017 video, I wanted to speak about sticking to your guns, about never letting a rebel spirit die in a world that’s homogenizing at breakneck speed, at never growing up if growing up means leaving the house in normal person drag. After capturing the ferocious honesty of Eddie Star, I started to seek out other people who are just as true to themselves, whatever the cost. I encountered so many powerful, brave, and beautiful souls along the way, and I hope people walk away from the video with a little inspiration to be themselves on 11.”

About Eddie Star
Eddie Star began his music career at age 17 when he began working with producer Arthur G. Wright (Billy Preston, Thank God It’s Friday) His first band Eddie Star and the Zero Effect was a perfect blend of rock’n’roll and punk in the vein of such bands as Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, The Stooges, and The Ramones; all of whom first influenced the London, Ontario, native to pick up a guitar. Eddie Star has formed a new band Joybox with his friend Bob Mars (Tom Morello, Church of Mars) whose debut album Informal Deviance will be released on May 21.2013 in addition to an extensive catalog release of his previous work.




About Monroe Entertainment
In 2006 Star founded Monroe Entertainment Records Group with his friend, mentor and music industry veteran Gary Monroe. The label’s first release was the critically acclaimed debut (Living in Silence) from MTV’s Battle for Ozzfest runner-up, Guilt by Association. Star plans on signing more acts he believes in to Monroe Entertainment Records Group.



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