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Fab Tone Records official promo video for...
Gwyn Ashton 10 juin 04:13
Fab Tone Records official promo video for ‘Fistful Of Blues’. Try before ya buy, peeps. Check it out and if ya like it, grab a copy on iTunes, Amazon and all the groovy LEGAL download sites. It WON’T be on Spotify or any of those other streaming sites. Hope ya dig the soundz! If ya feel so inclined to hit me up on here, I have some hard copies ONLY available at gigs, as it’s a download-only affair. PM me. Ciao.

Gwyn Ashton – Fistful Of Blues – Fab Tone Records official promo
‘Even in its most florid moments, Ashton’s guitar playing is never gratuitous. Instead, it plays an …


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