Hello EveryoneMy name is Allen Weber

Originally from Chicago, I have lived and performed in Chicago, Honolulu, Los Angeles, and New York City, from major concert venue like the Aire Crown theater in Chicago among others to small “hole in the wall” clubs, and everything in between. I have toured the USA and Asia as a band member playing music as well.

Now located in Jacksonville FL. I perform with musicians I bring in and call the band Hot Shock (Allen Weber with his Hot Shock band).

Like a lot of artists whose name is on their band, it is the artist (in this case… me) and “hired guns’ for recording and performances. My case is no different. I am the main guy
(writer, producer, arranger, chief cook and bottle washer 🙂 )

You could describe the Hot Shock music this way:
Jazz Fusion infused with Latin, Carribeo, Funk, Blues, R & B and Rock

You could almost say it is World Jazz Fusion

We have shared the stage with two Grammy winners (on separate occasions, performed at the St. John’s River Festival, and many other venues. We recently an episode for a local Jacksonville TV show on the CW network called YourJaxMusic.

I just released a Hot Shock album November 2013, for which I wrote, and arranged all the music, and produced the cd.

CD Baby Link:

The Jazz Box

It’s also available at: iTunes, amazon, google music store, iHeartRadio,, slacker radio, rhapsody and more.

on Spotify

Here is a video of Hot Shock band performing a song from the cd. The song is called “Blues Sparks”
This was when we were filmed for the tv show on the CW network.

Here is a snippet of the recording of snippet of Lighting the fire @ Warehouse Studios for the album

The album was recorded at the storied Warehouse Studios in Jacksonville FL, and mixed and mastered at TrueTone Studios in Jacksonville FL.

I am an ASCAP member — writer and publisher. My writing runs the gamut from Bossa Nova, to hard rock, to funk, soul and even a little country.
(Songs for sale 🙂 )

I’m looking for:
Sync licensing of songs on my album
Song Placement (would love to work with a song plugger(s) who can get things done)
PAID Performance opportunities
Session work

I am opinionated, but definitely not arrogant. Just real 🙂 Can’t stand pretentious or arrogant people.

Always looking to make new mutually beneficial connections.

Twitter: @HtShkBnd

Or just message me though LinkedIn

Thanks for reading!

Par Allen Weber
Suivre Allen

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