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Honky Tonk Stomp” by Johnny Cobb

“Eighty Eight Keys Unlock Her Heart”
Composers: Johnny Cobb, James Carson Whitsett,
Jonathan Barnett Kaye
Ultra International Music BMI, High Horse Music BMI,
Silver Bay Music BMI Video by J. Cobb











Johnny Cobb (Grammy nominated artist, composer, producer)
Jerry McCoy (Master Guitarist Blues Hall Of Fame)
Cobb & McCoy composed & produced their 2018 debut album.
Available at Band Camp, Reverb Nation, CD Baby, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music.

Contact info: 615-969-7937 &
Johnny performed lead vocals, back-up vocals, & keyboards.
Jerry performed guitars, bass, drums, back-up vocals, & recording engineer.
Johnny Cobb composed The Allman Brothers Band hit releases“Straight From The Heart” & “Angeline”.  Johnny performed back-up vocals on both songs, & co-produced Reach For The Sky album (Arista Records)
by The Allman Brothers Band.  Cobb
 received Grammy nomination for his Asylum Records album titled Lawler & Cobb (Men From Nowhere).  Etta James recorded Johnny’s composition “Jump Into My Fire”,which appeared on her Grammy nominated album Seven Year Itch.
Jerry McCoy (Master Guitarist Blues Hall Of Fame)
McCoy toured & recorded as bass player / back-up vocalist with The Dickey Betts Band & The Gregg Allman Band.  Jerry was the founding member of Nashville’s first rock band to sign a recording deal in Music City. The band “Mighty High” was signed by legendary icon Jimmy Bowen to MCA Records.  

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Ultra International Music
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