KEN K MARY Demon’s Down on Frontier’s Records, March 10th










Put your Demon’s Down . . . on Frontier’s Records, March 10th
I was honored to play on a new album with some incredible musicians. The Demon’s Down album will arrive on March 10th from Frontiers Records (Boston,Journey, Def Leppard),and features some killer players such as guitar virtuoso Jimi Bell (Autograph, House of Lord), my former bandmate and all the time studio-mate Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot, House of Lords), incredible South American vocalist James Robledo, amazing guitarist Francesco Savino, and production by Alessandro Del Vecchio.
This album is for those listeners that enjoy more melodic rock in the House of Lords vein, as opposed to the harder edged metal.
Wednesday the new single “Disappear” was debuted on your preferred streaming service, and you can watch the music video on the Frontiers Music srl official YouTube HERE:
The first video is quickly approaching 100,000 views and is called “I Stand”:
You can pre-order “I Stand” HERE:
Have a great weekend everyone!


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