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Kicking off Kickstarter

A couple of weeks ago, I sent you an email inviting you to check out my upcoming Kickstarter campaign to help me and my new band Blue Sky Riders make music our way – without label restrictions. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and I’m amazed by the number of fans who have already pledged support. This is my first time running a crowdfunding campaign and I’m just as excited as you are.
Which leads me to the big news  – our campaign started today! You can check it out at
For those of you who have already pledged your support, you’ll be getting another email with an update and instructions on how to follow through (we tweaked some of our rewards based on your feedback). If you haven’t pledged support but would like to contribute, please check out my Kickstarter page.
If you’re not able to contribute financially, your help spreading the word is just as valuable as dollars. We’ve only got 30 days to do this and the clock is already ticking, Telling your friends and posting on social media helps us out tremendously.
In all of my career, I’ve never been this excited about making a new album because I’m making it with all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
1187 Coast Village Road Suite 1-490 | Santa Barbara, CA 93108 US

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