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Greetings Fellow Drummers!
We have had a whirlwind year so far, with many events coming in early 2015!  We want to take a moment to thank everyone in our extended (and expanding) international KoSA family for supporting our educational initiatives in drumming and music.  Please be in contact with us.  We truly enjoy hearing of your experiences in the many worlds of drumming and music.  Finally, keep up with all things KoSA on our website, Facebook, and our YouTube channels.  We hope you enjoy the many photos, content wrap ups and previews below.
Keep on practicing!
Aldo Mazza & Dr. Jolan Kovacs Mazza
KoSA Communications Founders
COMING SOON:  KoSA MIAMI – Jan 9-11, 2015 –  at the SFCPA

COMING SOON:  KoSA PAS NYU Workshop, New York City – Feb 14, 2015
COMING SOON:  Join us for the 2015 KoSA CUBA 
Drum & Percussion Workshop & Fiesta del Tambor
(Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival)
Havana, Cuba – March 1-8, 2015
Participate in a thrilling, one week study program including activities and concerts of the “Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival” – individuals and performing groups are welcome – this event is open to all. Experience intensive hands-on classes with major Cuban artists such as Changuito, Piloto, Amadito Valdes and more, plus concerts, lectures, historical and cultural visits. All instruments are supplied on site.
The city of Havana, Cuba’s National Capital, is scenic, historical and renowned for the richness of its Afro-Cuban folklore and music.
An incredible variety and depth of knowledge has been passed from generation to generation, maintaining centuries old African-based traditions through groups and families throughout the region. It is also the cultural mecca of the Caribbean and a hotbead of new creative music. College Credit is available and travel for U.S. Citizens is also available. Please inquire via email (info@kosamusic.com) or by calling us at 514-482-5554 or 1-800-541-8401
Join KoSA founder, and world drummer/percussionist Aldo Mazza for this inspirational, educational and sensational visit to one of the world’s epic centers of rhythm. To register for this life changing experience click here.

EVENT WRAP:  19th Annual KoSA Drum & Percussion Camp Delivers

Clear and Straightforward Sentiment:  I Just Wanna Drum!

Castleton, Vermont, USA – The 19th KoSA International Percussion Workshop, Drum Camp and Festival celebrated its annual week of intensive learning, living and playing with internationally celebrated drum & percussion masters.  Held in the serene green mountains of Vermont this past July, KoSA Co-Founders and Directors, Aldo Mazza and his wife Dr. Jolán Kovács relayed a simple message to all attendees with this year’s theme:  “I just wanna drum!” This heartfelt and straightforward sentiment expressed to all the urgency to do what makes you happy in life.   “Fulfill your lifelong dream and drum!   You will have no regrets and will ultimately be living a happier and more productive life!” Mazza and Kovács advised.   And this is just what the participants did at KoSA morning, noon and night   Regardless of the wide-ranging ages, from as young as 8 to experienced players of 70 years and more, attendees bonded quickly like intimate family members each bringing their personal experience from such home towns as Nashville, Tennessee, to the French-Canadian drumming passions of Montreal, Quebec and even as far as Milan, Italy to name but a few places.  Despite their geographical differences, their common passion was expressed musically during this unforgettable week where they could just drum and soak up this one-of-a kind musical experience and environment.

Brian Jones, a first-time attendee from New York City, was clearly blown away from his experience as he stated:

“I now have a clear understanding why both Faculty and students [seek to] return every year. The level of instruction surpassed anything I was expecting.”

John Swiess from Illinois-who attended KoSA for the first time as well thanks to the generosity of his wife’s Christmas gift claimed:

“I will never be the same. A life changing event.”

The love of the annual KoSA workshop is not only expressed by the participants but clearly by the Faculty as well! Marcus Santos, KoSA Faculty alumni fittingly summarized this year’s experience:

“KoSA is responsible for the best moments of my life in music and as a person”.

(article continues below photo collage – photos by Kip Ross/kipross.com

The nightly concerts of the KoSA Music Fesitval were streamed live again this year in collaboration with internet percussion favorite the Drum Channel (www.drumchannel.com). Approximately 20,000+ viewers from around the world witnessed the mind-blowing performances of KoSA’s stellar faculty which included: Robby Ameen (Dizzy Gillespie),Sergio Bellotti (Berklee College), Chris Coleman(Prince), Dominick Cuccia (Fife and Drum Corp Master), Mario DeCiutiis (KAT Electronics founder, Radio City Music Hall Orchestra), Frank Epstein (Boston Symphony Orchestra), Dom Famularo(drumming’s Global Ambassador), Richie Gajate Garcia (Phil Collins), Jamey Haddad (Paul Simon),Jojo Mayer (NERVE), Aldo Mazza (Repercussion/KoSA Artistic Director & Founder), Allan Molnar(Nelly Furtado), John Riley (Miles Davis), Marcus Santos (Brazilian master/Berklee College Instructor, Grooversity Founder), Jeff Salisbury (University of Vermont, Author),and Michael Wimberly (NYC Percussionist & West African Drumming Master). The nightly performances also featured smoking hot performances from the two NYC session players who make up KoSA’s Master Rhythm Section: Irio O’Farrill on bass, and Bob Quaranta on piano.

To hear, see and experience the awesome musicality, invention and creativity of these world class, internationally acclaimed percussionists within such an intimate setting was a joy to behold for both participants and members of the Southern Vermont community, who attended the evening festival concert series. New this year was an outdoor concert at Castleton State College’s new Pavilion outdoor venue, attended by several hundred members of the surrounding community.

Continuing a long-standing tradition, KoSA awarded “Lifetime Achievement” awards this year to two very deserving members of KoSA’s Artist Faculty: the immensely gifted KoSA Faculty alumnusRichie Gajate Garcia, as well as the intellectually intense, ever-inspiring Jojo Mayer, a first-time KoSA Faculty member, who was completely surprised to receive such an accolade.

Two newly established awards, KoSA’s “Recognition Award” were also presented to KoSA Faculty alums Jeff Salisbury and Sergio Bellotti in acknowledgement of their tireless efforts in promoting music education and for being dedicated ambassadors of the ongoing KoSA mission.

Finally, the annual KoSA Auction, was a huge success, due to the overwhelming generosity of participants who came away with wonderful, hand signed instruments to benefit KoSA Scholarship programs.

The KoSA world is continuously in expansion with programs not only in USA (New York, Vermont, and Miami), but in Cuba ,Europe and in China.   For more information on all things KoSA, visit us atwww.kosamusic.com, at our YouTube channel and at facebook.com/kosamusic



Celebrating Five Years of an Ongoing Successful Collaboration!

Montreal, August 31, 2014 – Internationally regarded drum and percussion artist Aldo Mazza, just returned from a very successful trip to Tianjin, China where he had the exceptional opportunity to teach and perform in front of several hundred eager drum enthusiasts joining in an international faculty.

Aldo Mazza is the Artistic Director of KoSA Music, a successful music he co-founded with Dr. Jolán Kovács,  spouse and life partner.  This is Mazza’s fifth annual trip to KoSA China for this event.  KoSA China is produced in close collaboration with 9 Beats Music Education Schools, directed and founded by Mr. Li Hongyu.  9 Beats has 200 school locations throughout China.

The 2014 event kicked off with the band competition for kids of all ages studying at  9 Beats.  Mazza was a member of the judging panel alongside fellow percussion and drum set artists including:  Lucas Van Merwijk (Holland) Alexandre Cunha (Brazil), Chris Trzcinski (China), Rick Latham (USA), Nicholas McBride (Australia) and Dom Famularo (USA). The panel had the difficult task of selecting the best band from an array of talented and energetic performers!

(article continues below photo collage)

Following the competition, The week kicked-off with an electric performance by the highly energetic percussion group from Holland, Drums United. A jam packed schedule of classes and back-to-back teacher training seminars were given by the stellar faculty.  Aldo Mazza gave an engaging seminar to 9 Beats teachers, focusing on traditional Cuban rhythms and their application on the drum set.   Other classes concentrated on teaching 9 Beats students from all over China (a total of 400 participants this year) to study drum set and percussion.  Additional classes were given by Greg Irwin (USA) who wowed the students with his incredible finger exercise techniques.  Rick Latham (USA) offered an in-depth presentation to the teachers on funk drumming. Rock drummer Mike Terrana gave some highly musical and technical concerts and masterclasses. Conga legend, Raul Rekow (Santana) gave classes and a performances on Latin music, rhythms and techniques. Other classes and performances were given by equally extraordinary artists such as: Simone Sou, Alexandre Cunha,Mousse Mbaye, Sam Debell, Isumi, Chris Trzinski, Dom Famularo and many well known Chinese artists.

The week ended for all with the Grand Finale Faculty Concert, lead by Aldo Mazza. The concert featured Drums United, motivational drummer Dom Famularo, Wilson Zhand, Drums United, Alexandre Cunha

Plans are already underway for next year’s event in China to take place in August 2015.  Please visitkosamusic.com to stay current with ongoing KoSA program development world wide.

One More… 

If you are planning to be in Montreal in November (and the date coincides) experience Aldo Mazza & friends concert … featuring Canada’s Repercussion, Marco Lienhard (Shakuhachi & Taiko Master ) and other guests.


UPDATE:  We are very pleased to have confirmed
Jojo Mayer for KoSA 19.
Robby Ameen – Drumset  – Sergio Bellotti – Drumset –Chris Coleman – Drumset
Dominick Cuccia – Drum Corps, Marching Percussion
Mario DeCiutiis – Electronic Percussion / Kat – Frank Epstein – Classical Percussion
Dom Famularo – Drumset – Richie Garcia – Latin Percussion
Jamey Haddad – Frame Drums / World Percussion
Aldo Mazza – Drumset-Hybrid-World Percussion – Jojo Mayer – Drumset
Allan Molnar – Technology, Jazz Vibraphone – John Riley – Jazz Drumset
osJeff Salisbury – Drumset – Marcus Santos – Brazilian Percussion
Michael Wimberly – African Drum & Dance
The KoSA Rhythm Section:
Bob Quaranta – Piano

Irio O’Farrill – Bass


 Easy Steps Toward Getting Your Drum Mojo Happening.

Register promptly for
the 19th Annual KoSA
International Percussion
Workshop, Drum Camp
& Festival July 22-27 2014 


It’s easy to participate: Click here, and to register, Click here.  College Credit available!

Plan on absorbing several metric tons of experience: insider techniques, performance and music business insider info, stories from the road: studio and performance insights from some of the world’s finest musical artists!


It’s easy to participate: Click here, and to register, Click here.  College Credit available!

After the days at KoSA 19, apply everything you’ve learned and experienced toward your drumming future.  Keep in touch with new friends.  Expand your horizons like never before.


It’s easy to participate: Click here, and to register, Click here.  College Credit available!

No one really knows who will show up to be part of the world renown annual event’s surprise guests until the moment THE DRUM CAMP revs into action.

Will you be there to experience a once in a lifetime event, and be the person who tells the tale to your pals that didn’t participate?

The 19th Annual KoSA International
Drum & Percussion Camp
July 22-27 2014

We hope to see you there, and to have your help in creating another historic week within the KoSA World.


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