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“Songs created for and with friends – POSTCARDS” – new album with Laleh

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Between touring and her own artistry, Swedish artist Laleh has written and produced music for other artists, it has been an eventful chapter full of memories and exciting challenges. On “Postcards” she has recorded her own acoustic versions of some of these songs as well as a new song, a duet with Jacob Banks who is one of the artists she has worked with a lot.

“..There is something magical about writing with other artists, especially as a producer, to record and work with their voices and create something new together. For example, Demi’s voice, when she told her story and simply said something like, I really need to sing this all out, we immediately realized that we needed to write a ballad, so we wrote Stone Cold. Or how fun it felt to sit with Ellie in a big empty studio, two girls behind the big mixing table creating music. I have never been more happy to be a producer, especially after just reading in Billboard magazine that only 2% of the music is produced by women. With postcards I want to celebrate this chapter of my life.”

This is only the beginning!

Thank you, L

The new album “Postcards” will be released digitally today Friday December 20th. “Postcards” is Laleh’s eighth studio album and sums up her first 5 years in Los Angeles where she moved in 2014. Hear Laleh tell us about the new album and her feelings about the various collaborations in a movie released today on her YouTube channel.
Listen to the new album here.


Winner (originalartist: Ellie Goulding, written by Laleh Pourkarim & Ellie Goulding)
Be Good To Me (originalartist: Jacob Banks, written by Laleh Pourkarim, Jacob Banks, Jonathan Percy Stalker Saxe, Pierre-Luc Rioux & Yonatan ”xSDTRK” Ayal)
City Dove (originalartist: Tori Kelly, written by Laleh, Tori Kelly & Ilya Salmanzadeh)
Coffee feat. Jacob Banks (New song written by Laleh Pourkarim och Jacob Banks)
Stone Cold (originalartist: Demi Lovato, written by Laleh Pourkarim, Demi Lovato & Gustaf Thörn)
Like This (originalartist: Shawn Mendes, written by Laleh Pourkarim, Shawn Mendes & Gustaf Thörn)
Run For The Mountain (New song written by Laleh Pourkarim & Jacob Banks)
Lost And Found (originalartist: Ellie Goulding written by Laleh Pourkarim, Max Martin, Joakim Berg, Ellie Goulding & Carl Falk)
Safe (originalartist: Daya, written by Laleh Pourkarim, Joel Little & Grace “Daya” Tandon)
Yes (originalartist: Demi Lovato, written by Laleh Pourkarim & Demi Lovato)

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Laleh “Postcards”

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