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Over the years many of my Facebook friends have donated to Afghanistan’s Miraculous Love Kids, a charity set-up by my American rock guitar mate Lanny Cordola because, he says, “It shouldn’t hurt to be a child”. These are some of the most traumatised girls anywhere.
Please watch their inspiring new music release – a powerful rendition of the Eurythmics classic, Sweet Dreams, featuring iconic rock gods like Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine.
And, if you’re amazed (which you will be), then please consider donating to their life-changing cause at
Miraculous Love Kids – Teaching kids guitar in war-torn countries.
Miraculous Love Kids – Teaching kids guitar in war-torn countries.


LANNY & THE MLK’S (Miraculous Love Kids) PRESENT




LONG BEACH, CA, October 31, 2016 – Lanny Cordola & The MLK’s proudly present PEACE JAM III, the second annual benefit concert for children living in poverty and conflict zones.

After the overwhelming success of PEACE JAM 2014 and 2015, the stage is set for a third installment on Sunday, November 27, at the Gaslamp Restaurant & Bar in Long Beach, California.

Doors open at 5:30 PM with a special evening of music to follow. Dinner Reservations are highly recommended as seating will be limited.

PEACE JAM III features an impressive roster of talent, including a special appearance by John Stamos, star of TV’s Scream Queens and Full House.

Also scheduled to appear are rapper Sen Dog (Cypress Hill), singer Andy Vargas (Santana), drummer Kris Myers (Umphrey’s McGee), singer Phillip Bardowell (Beach Boys), keyboardist Gary Griffin (Beach Boys, Brian Wilson), author Mark Levine, singer Lexi Lyuben, singer / songwriter Kern Richards, Soldiers of Sound and the amazing kid band Random. Other special guests to be announced. Lucky John will be on hand to emcee the night.

“The funds we generated through previous PEACE JAMs were used to provide for a family in Afghanistan who lost three family members to a suicide bombing including two young sisters Parwana and Korshid. They now live in a nicer home with running water and electricity, the kids are going to school, and a better quality of life is now a reality,” Cordola says. “With PEACE JAM III, we will continue to help this family and others in need, including continuing our project ‘Girl With A Guitar,’ to teach girls in poor areas the guitar.”

Cordola began his journey through Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2010, collaborating with musicians on a peace-through-music project. “After visiting and meeting many kids who were living in poverty stricken areas

and conflict zones, I decided to raise funds on their behalf,” the musician recalls.

In February 2016, Lanny moved to Kabul, Afghanistan, where he plays and teaches guitar to children in schools, internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, on the street and in the Miraculous Love Kids Center.

“These Miraculous Love Kids’ lives are important, just as all our lives are important. I’ve become their friend, their advocate, their song and dance man.”

To purchase tickets for PEACE JAM III and /or make a donation, please visit

All proceeds from PEACE JAM III go to Lanny & The Miraculous Love Kids’ in efforts in helping children living in poverty and conflict zones.


Hi Friends-Happy to announce Peace Jam lll our 3rd annual Lanny & The MLK’s Benefit concert-featuring John Stamos from Full House and Sen Dog from Cypress Hill along with Kris Myers from Umphrey’s McGee-Random-Lexi Lyuben-Lucky John-Philip Bardowell (The Beach Boys) and many more soon TBA-Sunday November 27 at the Gaslamp in Long Beach-Doors open at 5:30 for Dinner and Beverages-reservations recommended-program begins at 6:30-You Can get tickets here by donating a minimum of $30-please leave your address-Thank You and Looking forward to another memorable occasion of Music-Heart & Soul-for more info visit our website

Lanny Cordola has posted a new update!

Parwana whose name means Butterfly lost her life much too soon-such is the sad situation for so many young Afghan girls-
This Jimi Hendrix Soul Hymn took on a new meaning for me after hearing about Parwana and her sister Korshid’s deaths by suicide bombing-
Then when i went to meet their family in Kabul where they reside in a very poor section of the city-the girls 6 year old sister Behishta and 7 year

Lanny Cordola and Gary Thomas Griffin list an impressive roster for the PEACE JAM event on November 22, 2015 in Long BeachLanny Cordola


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