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Mary J Blige has enjoyed an astonishing career spanning two decades, selling 50 million albums worldwide and earning nine Grammy awards. Her unique style of combining Hip Hop and Soul paved the way for record breaking groups such as Destiny’s Child and saw her winning The Legends award at the World Music Awards.

Her eleventh studio album, A Very Mary Christmas, has just been released, which sees her collaborating with the likes of Barbara Streisand, Marc Antony and Jessie J. However in this interview she not only talks about her new album but opens up on her career, transition into acting, working with Tom Cruise, childhood, music and her new film, Black Nativity.

Here are a few excerpts:

On her new album:
“I’ve dabbled with Christmas quite a bit and when David talked to me about doing my own album, I said one hundred percent, yes. More than anything as well, I adore the musicality and heart behind Christmas carols… these are all songs I grew up with, they’re the ones that I really first discovered my voice…”

On her childhood:
“… I didn’t have the best childhood, I didn’t have the best time growing up, like so many people around the world but it’s all about your experience and how you choose to use that to shape you as a person.”

On working with Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages:
“Watching him become this rock star, I mean I was impressed and very shocked…Honestly, hand on heart, if Tom took music seriously, and if he asks for my hand, I would happily duet with him.

“He is God’s honest, that talented, I don’t know why he never pursued singing before this.”

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