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June 21st, 2011 Issue 5.6

Get GoodSwinging
Playing Moods

The August issue of MD features an article by former Breaking Benjamin drummer Jeremy Hummel titled “Playing Moods: Thoughts on Drumming From the Soul.” In it, Hummel brings up a very important point, namely that a beat or rhythm is what you make of it, not simply notes on paper. By emphasizing specific aspects of the music, we can make our playing “say” different things. Jeremy goes on to offer a number of suggestions not only for practicing playing different moods on the drumkit but also for getting in touch with certain feelings within ourselves in order to really own the vibe when that red light goes on.

This might sound like touchy-feely stuff, not the kind of exercise-oriented practicing that drummers tend to feel more comfortable with. But it could be argued that this is exactly the type of thing that separates the men from the boys and the girls from the women. In the physical arts, there will always be some hotshot around the corner, waiting to snag our gig with the promise of head-spinning technique. But when it really counts — under the magnifying glass that is the recording studio — it’s the players who can make listeners feel something specific and deep that make the most impact.

Of course, the more control and vocabulary you have, the wider range of emotion you’re going to be able to communicate. So don’t forget to constantly expand your technique workouts too. Try our latest Lick of the Month, for instance, which provides application ideas for the exercises in the classic drum tutorial 4-Way Coordination. Turn those exercises into something “vibey,” and now you’re talkin’! Good luck.

Two Hardcover Drum Books by Renowned Author and Educator Joel Rothman

The Compleat Rock Drummer ($99.95) and The Compleat Jazz Drummer ($99.95). Each of these two thick volumes has a durable hard cover. Together they contain over 1,200 pages of exercise material representing the most up-to-date concepts and techniques in their specific area of drumming. Encyclopedic in scope, each book is a must in the personal library of any serious student or professional player.

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August 16-21, 2011, Dennis Chambers, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Mike Mangini, Kenwood Dennard, Giovanni Hidalgo, Flo Mounier, and Raul Rekow will be back to teach YOU how to play drums and hand percussion. Our dedicated teaching facility includes three master-class rooms, a concert hall for performances, and six practice rooms complete with drumkits furnished by Pearl and congas furnished by LP. If that’s not enough, our facility is situated in the beauty of Canada’s great outdoors, at a place called the Orford Arts Center, just one hour south of Montreal. You don’t want to miss this incredible event. Our goal is to provide you with the inspiration and passion you need to help drive you to the next level, and this incredible lineup of artists will deliver. WE PROMISE!

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8.5.11-8.12.11 2011 East Meets West: CROATIA DRUM CAMP
JEUNESSES MUSICALES Intl. World Meeting Centre

7.11.11-7.22.11 Rock Band Camp and Drum Set Camp At Donn Bennett Drum Studio
Bellevue, WA

6.29.11-7.2.11 Second Annual Drummer’s Reality Camp
Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music

7.22.11-7.29.11 Rhythm-The International Summer Academy For Drums And Percussion
Marktoberdorf, Germany

Peter Erskine: Everything I Know

Learn from a vast collection of lessons by Peter Erskine, renowned drummer and professor of practice of jazz studies and director of drumset studies at USC’s Thornton School of Music. Recorded in the studio and produced by industry and pedagogical inspiration Don Lombardi, this DVD captures Peter at his teaching best, as he’s accompanied by three of his favorite musicians. These two DVDs contain a lifetime’s worth of playing experience and more than a year’s worth of lessons. Available from Alfred Music Publishing for $24.95. Click here.

Are You the Drummer of Tomorrow?

Drummer of Tomorrow is an international drum competition, allowing drummers from all over the world to share their talents with the global music community. Entrants can win prizes from the top companies in the drum business, including Mapex drums, Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, Remo heads, and Alfred music publishing.

You can get rules, upload your video, and vote on others at the central contest hub, .
In addition to top-flight drum gear, winners will receive expense-paid trips to Nashville, Tennessee, and Anaheim, California. The winner here in the U.S. will travel to Frankfurt Germany to compete win the Drummer of Tomorrow World Final, to compete against winners from countries all over the world.

Visit for a full list of rules and specifics on how to enter. Submission period is from June 1 to July 31, 2011. Get your video ready today!

Lick of the Month

Strictly Technique

The August issue of Modern Drummer features a great Strictly Technique article by David Stanoch that’s based on the classic drum book 4-Way Coordination by Marvin Dahlgren and Elliot Fine. Here, we’re going to show you a couple ways to apply the examples from that article in jazz and funk/rock settings.

First practice this excerpt from 4-Way until you have the basic hand/foot coordination under control. You can practice this away from the kit by tapping your feet on the ground and hitting your thighs with your bare hands.

One musical application of that linear pattern would be to interpret it as a fill in a bebop context, placing the right hand on the ride cymbal and the left hand on the snare. Play the 8th notes with a swing feel.

For funk/rock, try playing the 4-Way excerpt as 16th notes, placing the right hand on a tom and the left hand on the snare. For an extra layer of complexity, move your left foot so that it plays the hi-hat and double pedal simultaneously.

For additional excerpts from 4-Way, check out the complete Strictly Technique article, titled “Celebrating 4-Way Coordination,” in the August 2011 issue of Modern Drummer.

New XT Extra-Thin Exotic Snare Drums From Ahead

Handcrafted in the USA from extra-thin, exotic wood shells and high-end components, Ahead’s new XT snare drums are now available in a selection of American Black Cherry, African mahogany, and Bolivian Rosewood models. The XT’s proprietary shell is made from a single piece of wood that is sliced into three thin plies and then reassembled in its natural sequence and grain orientation. The result is an ultra-thin (4mm), ultra-strong, ultra-sensitive drum shell that offers the classic sound and performance of a solid-shell snare drum at a fraction of the cost. At select drum shops or contact Big Bang Distribution for more information.

Tune Like a Pro, Sound Like a Pro With TightScrew

Premium-quality tension rods with a patented nylon insert, TightScrews allow precise tuning and prevent detuning in any playing situation. They are used by leading drummers, drum techs, and drum builders and come in a full selection of sizes that are compatible with most major manufacturers’ snare drums, rack toms, floor toms, and bass drums. Visit

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The Ahead Armor Cymbal Silo Offers Advanced Innovation and Protection

The new Ahead Armor Cymbal Silo brings the advanced designs, superior quality, and increased protection of Ahead Armor drum cases to a new generation of cymbal bags. Licensed by Revolution, the Cymbal Silo is loaded with deluxe features including DX-Core dual foam padding, removable dividers covered in premium-grade Sherpa fleece, and the state-of-the-art Tuc-Away convertible backpack system with heavy-duty straps and lower back support. The Silo’s main compartment holds cymbals up to 24″ while the exterior has additional storage space for hi-hats, splashes, and effects. Distributed by Big Bang Distribution and available at leading drumshops.

Hear the GearHear the Gear
Hear the Gear

Listen to MP3s of Zildjian’s 22″ A Swish Knocker cymbal. The complete review can be read on page 25 of the August issue of Modern Drummer.

Wanna Play Music Day

Wanna attend summer NAMM? 
Now you can! You’re invited to Wanna Play Music Day at Summer NAMM 2011. At the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville you’ll see:

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No refunds. All sales are final.
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