MODIS CHRISHA nouveau titre ” The journey “


Modis Chrisha
Dear Friends and Fans,


some of you realized that I am actually not posting many news.


Don´t worry, everything is OK…I am just taking some time out to work on my new songs. Thanks for asking….really appreciate this, people from all over the world sending e-mails to me. I hope that everyone who read this mailing has a good time and isn´t to much involved in any kind of problems…


Here is a gift for your great support.

You can download the amazing electronic song “The Journey” for free, for a short period of time.

Downloads works only for people who joined the Mailing list, to keep things fair 😉

Click on the song play button in this mail or just check out the song “The Journey” on my website.


I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy this unique Song “The Journey“.

Modis Chrisha



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“Modis Chrisha. A composer of zealous classical music with a beatnik that defines his sounds that no one else has.”  — Ron Farpella,
“So much beauty… Many times people have to add a lot of layers to achieve the sound that you have but you’ve done it in a very simplistic way… :)”  — Marquita Brown, Marquita Brown
“Excellent work – um es gleich für alle zu sagen …”  — Xenophanes Productions, Xenophanes Productions
































































































































































































































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