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Dear Friends in Music

MoonJune Records is joining forces with Zeitgeist Media to help the filmmaking company raise funds in support of the Romantic Warriors – Canterbury Tales documentary’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Many fans of progressive music around the world have enjoyed the efforts of Adele Schmidt and José Zegarra Holder, creators of the documentary series Romantic Warriors – A Progressive Music Saga. The first two installments covered a wide variety of bands, and they’re starting on Volume 3, which will investigate the so-called Canterbury music scene, and running a fund-raising campaign on Indie Go Go.

I am privileged to be featured in this documentary and it was my immense pleasure to host both Adele and José – whom I consider dear friends for many years – in my office for some filming scenes, and as well to participate in few other episodes: one at the legendary NYC record store DownTown Music Gallery, and the other one at the Rock-In-Opposition Festival at the Maison de la Musique de Cap Découverte in Carmauxi, France, last September 2013, where one of my bands, the Soft Machine Legacy, was performing.

I am pretty sure that many of MoonJune fans are aware of this so called Canterbury scene but there are many that need to learn a bit more. Some of my all time favorite artists fit into the scene, such as Soft Machine (pre-fusion period), Hatfield & The North, Robert Wyatt, Hugh Hopper, Gong, Caravan, National Health, Matching Mole, and many more. And my company is named after the tune ‘Moon In June from the legendary Soft Machine’s ‘Third’ album (1970)

The film will cover not only the origins and evolution of the Canterbury scene bands and the contributions of my late friends such as Elton Dean and Hugh Hopper, but also highlight two active bands in the MoonJune‘s catalog: Soft Machine Legacy and The Wrong Object.

MoonJune Records is donating the following CDs to the campaign, the inspired Hugh Hopper’s Numero D’Vol album, the fabulous Steam from Soft Machine Legacy, and the delightfully quirky, undeniably bold and adventurous album After the Exhibition from Belgian masters The Wrong Object, which features the greatly talented singer-songwriter Susan Clynes.

Zeitgeist Media is offering these CDs as part of four perks in the campaign: Free Bee, Glass Cubes, A Veritable Centaur, and Sol Caliente. The CDs offered as part of these perks (but not necessarily other items of the perk) will be shipped starting at the end of the campaign (July 11).

I encourage you to back this project. Backing this project will help bring it to market.

Would you be interested to help funding the film “Romantic Warriors III – Canterbury Tales“? Then head on over to IndieGoGo before their July 11 deadline for more info on the film and how to help funding.

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Yours in Music

and please watch two short clips including Yours truly, by clicking on the images here below



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