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No Teeth
Decadence In Breeding
Post Post Music
16 June 2024
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No Teeth, an enigmatic and elusive band hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, is ready to swoon audiences with their debut album ‘Decadence In Breeding.’ With a raw mix of brass, chaotic energy, and snarky delivery, they offer a unique sound reminiscent of bands like The Cardiacs, Country Teasers, and The Birthday Party.

Eschewing traditional labels, No Teeth has joined forces with the newly formed “Post Post Music,” who will press 300 vinyl copies of the album and handle distribution.

Across the album, they traverse angular post-punk (“I Am Not An Officer”), rollicking ballads (“Canon McCoy“), and the laid-back haze of “Feed The Ducks.” Defined by chugging bass-lines, frantic drumming, and feral synth lines, their signature sound encapsulates their 7-year career in a 12-track LP.

Exploring themes of debauchery, hedonism, and depravity, each track unveils a perverse parable featuring characters of nefarious descent, delving into subjects like gambling, sexual deviance, murder, and gluttony.

Since their inception, the band has garnered a loyal following in the North East and expanded their reach with two UK tours in 2022 and 2023, along with a well-attended show in Paris last summer. Plans for a Newcastle release show for ‘Decadence in Breeding’ and dates outside the North East are underway to promote the record.

Experience twisted tales and acerbic sounds from No Teeth – where debauchery meets melody, and chaos finds a rhythm.

Band Members:

  • Dobbly Groast: Vocals, Trumpet, Guitar, Lapsteel, Euphonium
  • Ol’ Pip Eye: Drums, Backing Vocals
  • Pecker Slapper: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Sgt. LARJ: Organ, Synthesiser, Piano, Backing Vocals
  • Sadie Signon: Percussion, Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Johnnie Conkreet: Guitar, Backing Vocals


  • Jack Howorth and Sam Carrick (Excluding Track 1 produced by Owen Hudspeth)
  • Mastering: Stephen Bishop
  • Album Artwork: Samuel Spencer Whitbread & Owen Armstrong
  • Layout and Cover Reproduction: Al Palmer
  • Band Photos: David Hall

Recorded at The Warren Studio, Sheffield

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