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Paul Pez Zukowski

I am pleased to announce that I up for 4 awards.

Vote for  Paul PEZ Zukowski.
Entertainer of the Year
Songwriter of the Year
Song of the year “The Cumberland Gap”
Publisher of the Year,  Paul PEZ Zukowski Music Publishing, ASCAP

I am also asking that people my friend and business partner  Edgar White.
He nominated for
Entertainer of the Year
Songwriter of the Year
Song of the Year  “I Don’t Twerk”
Publisher of the year Jerrine Music, Inc.

Here the Link to Vote at

Thank You please share with your friends.

Be A Star In The Nashville Universe!
Paul Pez Zuko…

Paul Pez Zukowski has invited you to the event ‘P-E-Z on Voice of the City with J Cherry’ on Nashville Universe!

Please tune in for 1 hour radio show that will have both interview and live performance.

P-E-Z on Voice of the City with J Cherry Time: March 4, 2014 from 8pm to 9pm
Location: Wesleyan University
Organized By: Paul Pez Zukowski

Event Description:
I will be guest for interview and performance radio broadcast on WESU FM 88.1 in Middletown CT. The show will also stream online. The time is 8pm Eastern 7pm Central.
See more details and RSVP on Nashville Universe:

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