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As I’m laying here thinking about the next Stryper album, I’m exited about reaching far and wide and making a valiant effort to write and record our best album ever. Can we do it? Absolutely! Will we do it? Why not! With determination, hard work and faith we can do whatever we set our minds to🙏
As we prepare for our 14th, full length studio album – say a little prayer for the process and a big prayer for the outcome. Let’s make history and deliver the metal album of the century👊
We couldn’t do it without you and we are eternally grateful for each and every one of you!
Let’s do this ~ Michael

Frontiers Music Srl and


are pleased to announce they have extended their working relationship for the release of more new studio albums together.

Stryper and Frontiers originally joined forces in 2013 for the release of “Second Coming,” an album comprised of new recordings of 14 songs from the band’s early years, as well as two brand new songs. What followed has been a string of critically and commercially successful studio albums, including “No More Hell To Pay” (2013), “Fallen” (2015), “God Damn Evil” (2018), and “Even the Devil Believes” (2020). Additionally, a live album and long-form video, “Live at the Whisky” (2014) was released as well. Everyone of the albums released on Frontiers in the past eight years has successfully charted on the Billboard US Top 200 album chart and topped the Hot 100, Rock, Hard Rock, Current, and Christian Music album charts.
Stryper is one of the most well known metal bands to emerge from the fertile ’80s metal renaissance over three decades ago. The band first landed on the global scene in 1984 and and is responsible for such classic ’80s metal albums as “Soldiers Under Command”, “To Hell With The Devil”, and “In God We Trust” and hit singles/videos such as ‘Calling on You’, ‘Free’, and ‘Honestly’. To date, the band has sold upwards of 8 million records worldwide and is a Dove Award-winner and Grammy nominee. Stryper was also the first band to have two songs in MTV’s Top 10 Video Countdown simultaneously.
After being on a hiatus for much of the ’90s, Stryper returned stronger than ever in the early 21st century. Musically, the band has progressed and grown their fan base steadily and continuously, being one of the few “classic” metal bands of the ’80s that managed to keep themselves front and center thanks to the consistency of their musical output.

Singer, main composer, and producer

Michael Sweet

says, “We’re honored to be working with Frontiers again on the next Stryper album. Serafino and the team at Frontiers has always believed in what we do and we’ve made some incredible albums together over the past eight years. They understand who we are and are passionate about our band and our brand. We’re very grateful for that. We’re so excited to be able to continue our relationship and I’ve always believed that the best is yet to come. We’ve released seven Stryper albums together and it’s been an amazing journey so far. I can’t wait to get started on what will be our best album yet! We’ve strived to stay true to our roots and deliver what the fans expect – the classic Stryper sound! Although we wish to continue doing so, we also want to branch out a little bit more and try something different as well. We’ll keep stretching out and working hard to stay close to who we are yet experiment a bit more and try a few different things along the way. I know it will be an amazing album!”

Frontiers President, Serafino Perugino says, “I second Michael’s words. Working with Stryper has been nothing but an absolute pleasure and an honor. They have vision, strong guidance and an outstanding work ethic and of course musically the guys are on fire! They have released outstanding albums and worked hard to promote them with countless interviews and on the road. Michael in particular is a major talent as singer, guitarist, performer, producer and songwriter and shares with me the vision of working on his output creatively. We will soon see him for new albums with Tracii Guns (Sunbomb), Nathan James, Joel Hoekstra, Marco Mendoza and Tommy Aldridge (the name of which will be revealed soon), then for an album with Alessandro Del Vecchio, and finally also with Sweet & Lynch for his third album with George Lynch. I can only admire and thank you and the guys for the trust and the faith they have put in our work. Long live Stryper!”
Michael Sweet (vocals, guitar) is joined in Stryper by his brother Robert Sweet (drums), Oz Fox (guitars), and Perry Richardson (bass).


Tune in Monday night April 9th 7Pm Est. as we talk with Michael about the new Album tour dates and what is upcoming from the band and the History of STRYPER.

Continuing a trend started with their 2013 release, “No More Hell To Pay”, Stryper’s 10th studio album, “God Damn Evil” sees the band offering up their heaviest release yet! Opening track, “Take It To The Cross,” features a guest appearance from Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall, Act Of Defiance) on death growls, yes, death growls, and immediately shows you that Michael Sweet and company have zero intentions of mellowing with age. The next two tracks, “Sorry” and “Lost”, are classic Stryper anthems, but with a modern heaviness and edge that carries the band’s sound into the 21st century and beyond. The title track, as with all previous Stryper releases, proves to be an instant classic and surely will be a setlist staple on the upcoming tour cycle. “You Don’t Even Know Me” and “The Valley” are excellent follow-ups to the glorious title track, with the latter being a true example of how heavy doesn’t have to equate to “fast”. Later, “Can’t Live Without Your Love” showcases that Sweet can still write ballad lyrics, but doesn’t need the saccharine music popularize in ‘80s heavy metal to accompany it and can take it tasteful new directions. While only time well tell, pound for pound, this very well and truly might be Stryper’s best album yet. As Frontiers said to Michael after he turned in the record, “How are you going to top this?”

Fans of the previous two releases, “No More Hell To Pay” and “Fallen” and of the band’s classic early material will find much to love here as the band continues to push the envelope of their musical abilities.

Stryper will be headlining the first day of the Frontiers Rock Festival 5 on April 28, 2018. For more info:
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Our new record ‘Fallen’ is available now!! Get ‘Fallen’ here:

New album ‘Fallen’ available now. Featuring ‘Yahweh’, ‘Pride’ & ‘Big Screen Lies’.



MARCH 13 – APRIL 12!

Are you a promising videographer and want to show the world what you can do? Let’s see what you got!

In case you haven’t heard, Te Amo is being made available as a FREE download. Once fans have downloaded the track, they can utilize their artistic and technological skills to make a music or lyric video for the song. Once they have created their masterpiece, they can submit the video between March 13, 2014 – April 12, 2014. A special panel of judges will then pick their 10 favorite videos. Those top 10 videos will then be posted on NOISECREEP.COM for not only Stryper fans, but hard rock and heavy metal fans around the world to vote for their favorite.

In addition to receiving an awesome prize package, the winning video will also be declared Stryper’s OFFICIAL video for Te Amo!


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