Happy Thanksgiving…

For the first time ever, our merchandise company is offering personalized autographed photos from me.  If you are a Stryper fan and the loved one in your life has been asking “What should I get you for Christmas?”, it might be worth forwarding them this email.

The most common question we hear at the Stryper office is “Can I get an autographed picture made out to Johnny / Timmy / Susan, etc?”  Unfortunately it boils down to time and my inability to do this on a regular basis.  It also boils down to logistics.  I live in the Northeast but my merchandise items (pictures) are stored at a merchandise company in the South.  So in order to do personalized autographed pictures, it’s a coordinated effort.  We now have coordinated that effort…

For the next 2 weeks we are taking orders specifically for personalized autograph photos.  I will be personally signing each one of them.

I’ll sign the picture to whoever you would like: To Timmy. To Susan. To Fred at The First Calvary Church. etc. etc.

There is a very limited number of pictures (less than 100) so go to the link below.  Upon checking out there is a comment box.  In that box, put who you’d like me to sign the picture to.  There are instructions on the website as well.

While there, you can also pick up our latest DVD, Live in Indonesia.

I’ve been busy working on the next Stryper album and writing my autobiography.  Both are moving along nicely and I look forward to sharing them both, along with a new Michael Sweet solo album, in 2013.

Oh, here’s the link to the picture:

God Bless you all and have a great Thanksgiving… and if I don’t talk to you sooner, a wonderful Christmas as well!




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